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Do you take compliments well or do you blush with embarrassment?

Asked by Safie (1223points) April 8th, 2015

For some reason that Is beyond me, If someone compliments me I can suddenly feel what I call the red alert! coming on and I begin to blush and feel embarrassed, why i don’t know, now my man he thinks it’s adorable and sweet, Me, I would like to be able to just take a nice compliment gracefully and move on, the thing Is It doesn’t matter If it’s from male or female, so It’s not just when men compliment. I asked this question because yesterday my man and I went out for dinner which was just absolutely lovely, on the way coming back we stopped off at the shop and he met one of his old pals from school who he has not seen for a while, I know most of his friends but never met this one, so they talk a little then he introduced me to his friend and his friend automatically looks at me and says to me and to my guy, Man she’s stunning! and honest to goodness I feel this heat rising to my head and I know i’m blushing, and to make It worse my guys smiling and saying you just blushed which makes It even worse arghh…I’m a confident woman BUT compliments get me every time I don’t take them too well…so I just wanted to ask… Do you take compliments well or not Is there a way to stop blushing when given a compliment?... If you know let me know.

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If it’s an honest compliment and it’s something I put some work into I take them with pride. If it’s a comment like “she’s stunning” from a stranger that would probably bother me too. (Especially since I’m not a she.)

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@Adirondackwannabe It was an honest compliment and it’s nice to be appreciated by other people but i seem to always blush when ever i get a nice compliment whether from a male or female or about my looks or a great piece of work i have done or song i have written for someone else I always blush, guess i’m going to have to just accept i’m a blusher like hundreds of other people lol.

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I’ve been the recipient of countless compliments, and I learned to just accept them graciously. If they were really sexual innuendo and not compliments I’d just ignore them.

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@Safie A lot of people don’t like being the center of everyone’s attention, which happens when someone points out something about you or your accomplishments. Some people live to be the center of attention and they always want to spotlight on them. I prefer the former rather than the latter.

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It took a lot of work in therapy for me to accept a compliment and say “thank you” rather than to follow my learned instinct to discount a compliment.

It IS adorable and sweet for someone to be modest and get a little flushed on receivng a compliment. It is an honest reaction. Perhaps if you just smiled and said thank you, you’d grow beyond it.

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I don’t know if I blush anymore but it is hard for me to get a complement and just say “thank you”, most of the time I just seem to babble on like an idiot.

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@zenvelo Good advice indeed!

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I take them very well, no blushing or feeling awkward, but then i’m used to them.

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@ucme It’s not about NOT being used to getting them or not, i always do, and always have from both men and women, but i have always blushed after getting them…I think i just need to learn how to accept and say thank you and move on, My man always says i shouldn’t be embarrassed because i deserve all the compliments i get, but they make me blush period.

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@Safie I never said it was about that, just spoke from my own experience, as asked.

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@Adirondackwannabe I totally get that about some people wanting attention and some don’t..I certainly am not an attention seeker and much rather not be the center of attention.

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@Safie And that’s why you blush. You don’t like the spotlight on you.

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Somehow I internalized the fact that there’s a reward for the person giving the compliment that they’ve been heard and acknowledged. Since figuring that out, I’ve gotten really good at saying “thank you” with sincerity. In the moment especially, I don’t give much thought to whether I personally agree with what they think is true. I just validate the nice thing they said and that seems to complete every loop.

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Exactly @kevbo
I can accept compliments graciously, we should all simply respond with a “Thank You”, shows good self esteem. I enjoy paying compliments to others, sincerely of course.

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Compliments, while greatly appreciated, cause my bowels to loosen. Praise has become extremely awkward for me.

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I avoid eye contact, blush and say thank you. I try to stay humble, I don’t want to come off as egotistical.

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To everyone here on Fluther I will say thanks, as in: “I appreciate your compliment”. But in my place, I will discount it with things like “No I’m not that good.” I have to because our culture wants us to.

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I can accept compliments and do, but it also depends on the context. It’s nice to be told I look pretty but not at the expense of people acknowledging the work I’m doing. In certain circumstances, someone focusing on how I look, can diminish the acknowledgement of my achievements. For instance, women when they meet other women will often compliment each other. They might say ‘oh your hair looks pretty’ or ‘that’s a nice dress’. I’ve done it myself. Men don’t do that to each other. I read an article the other day that suggested, and I think it’s right, that when such comments are made in a professional setting, they can diminish how women and the work they do, are perceived. In my professional setting, I don’t want men or women focusing on how I look. I want them focusing on the work I’m completing.

On the flipside, outside of work, if someone says I’m looking great – all good.

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I’ve always taken compliments well, but then again, I am a pretty vain person.

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