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Can I give a tiny constipated dog a tiny bit of human laxative?

Asked by monsoon (2510points) July 15th, 2008 from iPhone

Or is there something else I should do? I’m at petco and I don’t see any dog laxatives specifically for when a dog is already constipated. It’s a really old tiny chihuahua.

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Since you’re at PetCo, maybe you could ask a knowledgeable employee…

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No, it is not a good idea as tinyfaery’s link to a Vet saying so indicates. I am also concerned by the dog’s size and age. It could be a more serious issue like a blockage. I think a visit to the vet ASAP is indicated.

Please let us know how your dog does.

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why on earth would you do such a thing?

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because I read it online somewhere. I asked a petco employee and she didn’t know.

@cheeb, because I don’t want my dog to die. Suggestions would be helpful.

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You could call an emergency vet (they are there all hours) and ask if they can suggest anything to give the dog.

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I called the emergency vetbut they wouldn’t tell me anything unless I bring her in.

I think I’m going to just do that, she’s so old.

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@monsoon I think it is best. Good luck to you and dog. Please tell us how it goes.

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Have always used a small amount of pumpkin or Benefiber mixed into wet food, or add some water to the kibble if your dog only eats dry and then mix in a little of the fiber, not too much though (plus its a benefit for small dogs that have problems with leaky anal glands that require more frequent visits to the groomer / vet). Mine also gets a couple green beans and baby carrots everyday. Just go easy on it all at first otherwise you will end up with the other extreme. What worries me is that she is older so the vet may be the best first choice, its only money and she would do it for you! I hope everything works out!!

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Good luck, hope it goes okay.

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[Fluther Moderator:] @cheebdragon: Plagiarism is not allowed on Fluther. If you copy content from elsewhere, you must include a link.

Your answer:
Curing constipation caused by diet can be hastened by encouraging your dog to increase his fresh water intake and adding a dose of daily fiber to his meals. A teaspoon of bran will assist in softening the feces and help them pass more readily. Human laxatives can be toxic to dogs and should not be given under any circumstances. Vegetable oil, sunflower oil or olive oil can all be used as a laxative for your dog by adding a tablespoon to their usual meal.

Originally appeared at:

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I honestly thought i had, im very sorry. it wont happen again….

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@ cheeb, I could tell it was copied by the way you highlighted, so don’t feel bad. Good to know fluther keeps on top of plagiarism though.

Okay, so I went to give her a bath and found a large amount of unidentified matter on her nether-regions. I took her to the emergency vet and they said that it was actually… poop. Not that she was constipated, but that it had collected in such a way as to… you know… cause blockage from the outside. so the remedy was to cut gunk away and give her some skin ointment for ten days, and she will be fine.

At $168 I’m hurting, but I know there’s no way I could have dealt with that myself.

Thanks all.

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Yay! Its good to keep the poop shoot clean.

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Don’t we know it. :)

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I am so glad it was nothing more serious. Sorry about the $168. It hurts in these times, but is a small price for peace of mind.

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I’m glad the puppy is doing better! You’re a good human to your pet.

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Glad your doggy is okay! 168$ dollars of love for your pooch ;)

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