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What was the last thing to touch your lips?

Asked by Safie (1223points) April 11th, 2015

For me his lips.

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The spring breeze.

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Four Chocolate cupcakes for lunch.

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@Safie: Ironically enough, his lips as well.

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My girlfriend just kissed me. Before that, a chocolate chip cookie.

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My finger. I was wiping off some extra guacamole that smeared on my lips at lunch.

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waits for someone to say penis lol

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Haha…well…I just kissed “Katy Raye” AKA “Raybees” one of our Quarter horse mares here. Nothing like them velvety horsey lips. We have “our” special moment when she takes her apple and oat horse cookie treats from my lips. lol
Before that I had a baked potato and some squash for lunch.

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Thousands and thousands of bacteria.

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^^^ waits for someone to say penis lol

That’s ma gal….. ~~ Har har

Some apple cider that did not know it was supposed to be apple cider.

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My moms forehead. Had to kiss her goodnight.

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My husband’s lips.

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@Tbag Aww so sweet :)

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Peanut and chocolate covered vanilla ice cream cone.

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@Aster making me feel hungry for ice cream now.

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Tallboy of Hamms

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<—- Her tongue.

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A can of beer.

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Air. It still does.

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Carrot cake.

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OOH..what sounds better Carrot cake or beer? I am starving right now waiting on my daughter to show up for dinner.

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Rum and Diet Coke now! And I’m stuffed.

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My lips, I pursed them just then in contemplating my answer.

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My water bottle.

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That would be the Gin and Tonic, or more precisely the glass that held it.

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A digestive biscuit, chocolate of course!

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My coffee cup slurp slurp

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