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UTI antibiotics help?

Asked by DrasticDreamer (23983points) April 11th, 2015

I got a UTI and I’m on my last day of meds (11pm is my last pill [two per day, for three days]) and out of nowhere, I’m experiencing some of the uncomfortable symptoms of the UTI again.

I know no one here is a doctor, but does anyone have experience with a similar situation? Does this possibly mean I need more meds?

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That or you were given the wrong type. Perhaps your case needed another type of antibiotic.

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Do you have recurrent UTIs? Unfortunately some of the strains are resistant to antibiotics. :(

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I looked up the meds since I had to see if I could take some Advil with them when I got a headache, and I saw that it’s commonly prescribed for UTIs, @ZEPHYRA. I hope they were the right kind.

@fluthernutter No, I don’t think so. This is only the second UTI I’ve had and been medicated for. However, the other one was only 7 months ago. :-/

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Was it helping at first? Typical UTI’s, when the meds are working, the symptoms are almost completely better within 48 hours. It’s very fast, faster than things like treating strep throat that often take 72 hours.

One possible explanation is you developed a yeast infection, but the drugs often prescribed for UTI usually are not extremely like to cause a yeast infection, but they certainly can. Do you know what antibiotic it is?

Did the doctor culture your UTI? Or, just give you a prescription without testing?

I think you will probably have to go to the doctor to get a good diagnosis. He might be willing to just prescribe another antibiotic without seeing you, it depends on the doctor.

Are you getting the infections after sex with a particular person?

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I had that once. My doctor prescribed a ‘new’ type of a supposed quicker course that was supposed to knock out the infection. It did not. It came back with a vengeance and she had to give me the old sort again and it did the trick. Never again. I’ll keep with what I know works.

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One hint…don’t empty your bladder at every urging. Force yourself to wait until it’s uncomfortable. Then push the stream out as hard and fast as you can. It flushes more of the bacteria out that way.

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@cazzie The old stuff is often cheaper and we know the side effects well, yet doctors often push the new fangled meds. I find it frustrating. Not just UTI’s, everything. A girlfriend if mine with very serious heart trouble has been in a medication for over two years that wasn’t helping much and giving her unpleasant side effects. She wound up going to a new doctor and he said, “there is an old drug that isn’t prescribed as often now, but I think it is worth trying.” She is much much better. She’s annoyed other drugs weren’t tried when she didn’t do well on the first one. She is on disability, and her condition is life threatening.

@Dutchess_III She shouldn’t be holding, she should be just making sure she is drinking plenty of fluids and she will have a fairly full bladder when she goes and it will cut down on the discomfort.

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In my experience, one of the symptoms is my body tells me I have to urinate when I don’t really need to. If I do, there is very little urine, and what urine there is is dense with bacteria. As the stream ends, that is when it is the most agonizing because the urine is gone and the bacteria are all concentrated right at the opening of the urethra and very little gets flushed out.

However, the fuller my bladder and the more force I use, the more bacteria are rinsed out. The fuller the bladder the more relief I feel after urinating.

I’m just telling you what works for me. I’ll drink a boat load of fluids, pee hard. After about the third time of emptying a very full bladder, I’ve pretty much gotten rid of the UTI without antibiotics. I just keep it up for a couple of days after ward, just to be sure.

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I’m trying to think of an analogy. Say you have a cup of sand. Say the sand can’t pour out of the cup unless it’s carried by water. So pour half a cup of water into the cup of sand. How much sand can you pour out with that bit of water? Not much.

Next pour the sand into a gallon of water and shake it up so the sand is swirling in the water rather than setling to the bottom (the reasoning behind “pee hard.” Keeps things stirred up.) How much sand can you get out now? Most of it. And what is left you’ll catch on the next go ‘round.

Does that make sense?

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Since taking my last pill last night, so far I haven’t had more symptoms, so I’m crossing my fingers and hoping they did the trick. I’ve been guzzling water the entire time since I found out I had a UTI, so I pretty much have to pee like a racehorse every hour, anyway… lol :)

My doctor did give me a urine test and it was positive, and the meds she gave me are called SMZ/TMP DS 800–160 (Generic for Bactrim). However, I think I had the UTI for close to two weeks, because when I first thought I was getting one, I downed tons of water and my symptoms went away, but then they came back. That happened twice or so, so hopefully three days of these meds is enough to kick its butt.

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I’ve had them with no symptoms. Knocked me on my butt. Spent an entire weekend in bed till I could see the Dr. I told him I suspected a UTI, even though I had no symptoms, and I was right.

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@Dutchess_III Yeah, I’m definitely going to be paying attention to my body for a while, because going two weeks with an untreated UTI seems like a really long time to me. I’ll be at my doctor’s first thing tomorrow (or urgent care tonight) if I get any symptoms again.

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God they are horrible! I vowed never to get another one again, so I started drinking a ton of water every day. However, there was a problem with that because it drove my sodium levels down, which can cause some physical and mental issues! And just adding more salt to my diet wasn’t how it worked. I had to back off of the liquids. :(

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@Dutchess_III I drink tons of water, too. I’ve had really low blood pressure lately (I’m talking like 60 over 80), and I wonder if it’s because I don’t get enough salt. My sister’s foster daughter has really low blood pressure as well, and her doctor told my sister to give her a lot of water, but to also add salt to her diet. Maybe I should sprinkle some on cucumbers and stuff. I’ve disliked adding it to food for as long as I can remember, though, so I never do.

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Make sure he tests for it. In my experience low sodium = dizzy and a little confused. I don’t know if it affects BP or not.
I hardly add salt to my food either. I’m sure I get plenty though!

(My avatar keeps freaking me out!)

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Well… I get dizzy a lot and have been for years, so yeah, maybe that does have something to do with it. I’ll definitely look into it. (Who is it?)

Thank you, all of you, for the help.

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Wouldn’t it be cool if the answer was that simple?!

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Okay, nope, as of about 15 minutes ago, I’m 95% sure my UTI wasn’t wiped out by the meds. Is it okay to wait to go to my doctor’s tomorrow, or should I just go to urgent care tonight?

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Can you just call your doctor and have him call in another script? Urgent care won’t culture it either probably.

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It’s too late to call my doctor. My clinic has an after-hours line, but I don’t think they can get a hold of my doctor. I can try, though. And yeah, if urgent care probably doesn’t culture it, I’d rather just wait to see my doctor tomorrow. Bleh… I was worried three days wouldn’t be enough. :-/

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The best way to talk to a doctor is after hours. During the day their receptionists and nurses intercept everything.

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