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(SPOILER ALERT) What do you guys think of the dashboard update for Xbox 360 to appear within the upcoming months?

Asked by dingus108 (228points) July 16th, 2008 from iPhone

I watched the Microsoft conference segment of E3 today and got really excited about the way the new dashboard interface looks and operates. Competing with PS3’s Home and the Wii’s Mii concept with their own idea of a gamer avatar.

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It looks like they are trying to create a lot of hype over some minor changes, but I’m optimistic. I am excited about NetFlix, but you can do that today with a Media Center add-on.

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They’re Totally ripping off Nintendo. Avatars = Miis. My Microsoft Channel = My Nintendo Channel. As for the dashboard redesign, it’s nothing big.

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I think it’s unneeded. I love the dashboard as it is and their going to have to work out a lot of bugs before it’s better than what we have now. I don’t like any of the features like the community channel or putting games on the hard drive. The avatars copy and I can’t use themes or pic I bought anymore. I don’t thing all this is neccicery. Thwnkfully you can use the old dashboard.

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Installing games is the only thing I want, that and bug fixes.

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rumor has it that after you download the update, they mail you a box addressed to Texas.

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I think Netflix ftw!

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OMG I taped the E3 microsoft confrence, and I pray that if the dashboard update is manditory, that I can at LEAST keep my gamerpic.

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ya im not feeling the Avatar thing, a little to Wii. And pretty much not my stlye.

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Well PS3 is doing Home, so its kinda in-between both of them. More complex than Miis, but less than Home avatars.

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I dunno about it all. It would be nice to see what all my friends look like in real life. It is definitely a Mii rip-off, but I don’t feel like Nintendo has done anything right this generation. And this is coming from a Wii owner. Hopefully microsoft will fix the mistakes made by the competition.

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I’m still blowing up microsoft if they get rid of gamerpictures and SOME kind of friends “list”.

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fortris, you honestly would take prison time over a mere software change? Seriously, you would take that risk? LOL

Anyways, I just think it would be a nice thing to have a dashboard change. Afterall, there is still going to be a mini-blade system, so not all is lost. And I’m quite sure they’re not going to change the friendslist setup drastically. They will probably also provide you with something worth equal value to replace your gamer pics. They wouldn’t jyp you out of your money, that wouldn’t be right.

Plus they’re going to give you the kick-ass ability to rip games to your harddrive for faster load times! That’s gonna be awesome.

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It would benifit many gamers worldwide, I think its worth the risk dingus108 :)

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