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Commercials: Show me/us some that you like?

Asked by ucme (50047points) April 14th, 2015

Thought provoking
Just damn good

I avoid them most of the time, but occasionally you find a beaut.
I like this one >>>

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I don’t have a link but I love creepy Rob Lowe in the DTV commercials.

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That ad was great! I liked the brief (½ second) shot of him sitting in truck cab – on the wrong side. Clever.

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The Subaru ads with the lab driving!

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Oh @marinelife! I vaguely remember those! However, at that time you could not sell Coors in Washington State, and you couldn’t sell Rainier beer in Kansas (like that was a heart break,) so I must have seen them on one of my visits to family in Washington. We were so crazy in the 70’s!

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This is my current favorite. Not surprisingly, it’s British as well. They seem to be cleverer at making ads.

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Fried onions.

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It’s an old one but here ya go…

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Sry! Gog confused with the craving thread!

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Some funny shit here, cheers peeps.

@SQUEEKY2 That game looks bloody lethal, you could have someone’s eye out.
Love that they played the tune from The Sting though.
@wildpotato Scary Dutch family, particularly those kids in the back.

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Kate Walsh: ”...the real question is, when you turn your car on, does it return the favor?”

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I have to show Dutch commercials, of course.

Dutch insurance company ‘Centraal Beheer’ always uses funny commercials. They are all classics in my opinion.

Below three samples. The tag line: ‘when things go wrong, call us’.

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The Esurance commercial, the lady is playing Candy Crush with a hammer and the guy says, “That’s not how it works.” At the end the lady says level two. So funny.

The Budweiser one where the dog is saved from the wolf by the Clydesdale horses. Very heartwarming.

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“I unfriend you.”
“That’s not how this works! That’s not how any of this works!”

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that old lady kills me.

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I like the Esurance commercials a lot, too!

To bring something new to the table: I like this Ikea kitchen commercial. It’s in German, but it’s easy to understand. The girl wants permission to go to a festival, her parents are not even entertaining the idea, the big brother is teasing, and the kid tries to slam the cabinet doors. Which, being from Ikea, do not slam. I love the ending, because when the girl realizes that she’s fighting a losing battle, she sees the humour. I was reminded of my family, watching the clip.

@SavoirFaire Thank you for sharing the other letter commercial, I loved that!

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There were two Christmas commercials out in England last year that are heart-warming.

John Lewis


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Guinness always used to do the best ones. My all time favourite was the surfers.
Pure cinematic genius.

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Hiya @downtide !!

I’m a sucker for the Budweiser lab puppy and Clydesdale ones.

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Just saw this one. It’s not funny but I think it’s quite clever. The animation is quite good and the idea of “squirreling away money”. Great execution of a good concept.

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@whitenoise With everyone and their damn smart phone I love it!!!!!!!!

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How about this commercial for Epuron?

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