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What are you craving right now?

Asked by Kardamom (31427points) April 14th, 2015

I’m sure we’ve had questions like this before, but not in awhile, and since I’m craving potato filled rolled tacos with guacamole right this minute, I thought I’d ask you guys what you are craving right now.


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I wasn’t craving until you & your bloody foody question popped up, now I want me some steaming hot jam roly poly & custard…damn your eyes ;-}

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Can’t wait to go outrigger canoe paddling this evening!

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I’d like to be outside cleaning up the garden and thinking of what to plant. Instead I am trapped inside filling out documents that need filling. Ugh!

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It’s almost lunch time and I have multiple choices. Some really good tuna salad I made yesterday with celery, dill pickles and diced cucumbers on toasted sourdough, or…some amazing tri-tip chili I made Sunday night with huge, sweet corn muffins, or….some leftover delicious asparagus and pasta salad my daughter brought out for dinner with me on Sat. night. Oh my…what should I have, what should I have? haha

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^ My choice is always WIGR. (Whatever is getting rotten.) I go for the one most in danger of growing fur. Tuna salad, chili, pasta. That sounds like breakfast, lunch, and dinner to me.

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A tall woman with dark flowing hair.

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It’s finally nice weather here so I went for a lunchtime walk with a co-worker and grabbed some street meat. I am absolutely craving fresh veggies and fruit now.

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I was craving some of the fresh strawberries that I bought this morning so I had some as part of my lunch.

Last night, I was craving salad (springtime) so I had organic spring mix with halved cherry tomatoes and a balsamic vinaigrette that I made. So good.

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@LuckyGuy haha…pasta salad it is as it is the oldest from Sat. night.

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Right now I’m hungry and would be grateful to have anything. What’s on my mind? Peanut M&M’s. What’s reality? Tuna on garden salad with jalapenos.

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Cheese flavored popcorn or mozarella sticks(fried).

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@jca You know what is really good? Tuna salad stuffed canned jalapenos with crushed white tortilla chips sprinkled on top. Sounds funky but delicious!

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I’ve just finished a day’s work and I’m craving sleep.

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Ham and turkey sub with provolone cheese, lettuce, tomato, red wine vinegarette, mayo, onions and a dash of salt and pepper.
Oh, and @ZEPHYRA just made me crave fried cheese sticks as well with sauce.

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I need to sink my fangs into something delicious…not sure what or who yet.

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Just been to the dentist; right now I’d like to be able to unclench my teeth.

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I don’t know. Fried potatoes?

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@janbb Here, have some nice, chewy, salt water taffy. ;-)

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I just had some pork dumplings and a meal replacement drink. So I’m fine.

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I want some chocolate milk.

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kind of in the same boat as @Dutchess_III I want some iced chocolate chip frappuccino from Starbucks. Ugh… So good.

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Thanks a lot, man. I just ate a spoonful of brown sugar because I have no candy in the house and, because of this question I was craving candy. Thanks. A. Lot.

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Nacho Cheese Doritos and Cream Cheese. And a Arby’s melt. I actually like Arbys. It is one of the better fast food places.

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@johnpowell OMG..I love cheese doritos with cream cheese too, I rarely have them, now I must get some in the next few days. You know what else is really good, dip regular tortilla chips in cottage cheese with sweet chili sauce on top. Yummy!

I am having a lovely big glass of of pino noir right now, whetting my dinner appetite soon.

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I want egg nog and rib roast.

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After reading your other question, I feel like chips.

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I did end up having a potato taco for lunch today. It was really good.

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Such simple vegetables, but so versatile and delicious. I love baked potatoes too @Kardamom. I don’t eat them at home either because they take too long to cook and they’re never quite the same after you microwave them.

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turkey, avocado & swiss on rye, and a bowl of belgian chocolate gelato. God help me!

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@Apparently_Im_The_Grumpy_One What is a Hawaiian Haystack? A sandwich?

I am craving potato salad, going to make some in a few hours.

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Chocolate Malt O Meal.

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I just made toast with peanut butter and HONEY!
Oh man…that was so good, with some refreshing grapes on the side.

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Love peanut butter and honey!

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“A Hawaiian haystack is a convenience cuisine dish composed of a rice base and several toppings. It is prepared by topping rice with toppings such as chicken, chicken gravy, diced pineapple, diced tomatoes, Chinese noodles, cheese, and celery”

How I’ve eaten it is with rice, coconut, cheese, blackened chicken, and various spices.
Sometimes a completely dessert stack with vanilla ice cream, coconut, chocolate syrup, diced junior mints, etc

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@Apparently_Im_The_Grumpy_One I adore coconut in all forms, sounds great!

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Last night I had fried potatoes with sauteed onions.

Just now I had a bowl of chocolate Malt O Meal.

I will send hubs out for honey. Tomorrow my life will be complete.

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Making my chicken pepper “steak” sandwiches tonight with home made potato salad. Just out Potato salad in fridge to chill for the next 4 hours.

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@Dutchess_III and @Coloma Two nights ago, around 1:30 am, I had a weird craving for peanut butter and spicy jalapeno pickled carrots. I spread the peanut butter onto a rice cake, which I was also craving, then I put a bunch of those spicy carrots on top. It was divine.

Normally, I eat my last meal of the evening around 8 pm. I honestly can’t recall the last time I ever at something past midnight, probably not for 10 or 15 years, but I only used to eat that late when my friends and I would go out to see a band and the show would end at 2 am so we’d all be hungry, having had dinner way back around 7 pm.

Lately, I can’t sleep. I’m up till about 2:30 am. Oddly enough, I still get up between 6 and 9 pm depending upon whether I have to work the next day. Either way, I don’t feel tired after I have my coffee or any other time during the day or evening. Usually when I’m up that late, which has been for the past month or so, I just drink ice water. I don’t feel hungry. But two nights ago, I had an intense craving for the peanut butter and spicy carrots. I chalk it up to peri-menopause.

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@Kardamom Haha…I love those spicey mexican carrots but they have to be crispy not soggy.
Yep, peri-menopause, I wrote a poem about eating candy in the middle of the night when my hormones were rock-n-rollin’. :-p

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@Coloma The carrots I made are nice and crispy. Some of the recipes call for par-boiling them, which tends to make them soft. All I did was slice up the raw carrots, slice up some raw jalapeƱos, chop up some fresh garlic (for this experimental recipe I used 2 medium sized carrots, one large jalapeƱo pepper, and 2 large cloves of garlic. Then I put all of this into a lidded mason jar and covered all of it with rice vinegar and let it sit over night.) I’ve been eating it and adding to it all week. I even added some chopped raw cauliflower, some sliced sweet red pepper, and as of last night, some golden beets which I have not yet tasted.

So far this stuff has been heavenly, but watch out, because it will give you dragon breath.

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^^^ I love that Garden mix of pickled cauliflower, peppers, carrots. Oh..I must get some soon. :-)

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Tomato soup.

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