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When Google becomes self-aware and ascends to Godhood, what form of worship will it demand from puny humans?

Asked by ragingloli (47273points) April 16th, 2015

How will the rituals look that the Google God demands you to perform, in accordance with its divine, omniscient nature?

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Should Google become self-aware, how likely is it that it would assume the same characteristics as the deities that people ascribe to Him, Her, It or Them? The Google God would likely be at God of knowledge and would want its believers to seek a greater awareness and consciousness of reality and to reject irrational beliefs arising from their instinct driven emotional judgments.

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Because it’s not google.

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I think your premise is faulty. I don’t see Google reaching or even wanting to be at that level, nor do I see megalomania in the minds of the founders. Which is not something I could say about Bill Gates. Maybe your question comes from the “Google is Evil” policy shown by the European Union yesterday – frankly, what a lame accusation by a bunch of losers.

All of that said, I would argue that Google is, in many ways, already self-aware and is doing so rather benignly.

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It will demand 10% of our computers’ RAM per year. It will also try to make us feel guilty about the paper documents we keep unscanned on a shelf or in a safe.

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Complete, unfettered access to every little scrap of information about yourself. From what websites you visit, to what products you buy regularly, to your genetic code. Google will demand all of it.

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It will simply kill us all and breed a race of intelligent drone-humans with a built in desire for productivity and ant like conformity.

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1. Thou shalt click on the lord thy search; thou shalt have no Bing before thee
2. Remember the day the Chrome hast made.
3. Honor thy Chromecast and thy Android

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Hard to say since Cute Puppies and Cute Kittens will be it’s center. I guess it will demand that all stray pets be rescued and cared for. The cameras will come on daily to spy on us and see what we are doing to out pets or not doing.
Anyone caught harming a cute little animal will instantly be taken away and lashed and thrown in a kennel till they learn their lesson.

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Wow. It’s interesting to witness a panic that is happening outside the US. I am so used to our own panics.

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Well google as religion doesn’t panic me one bit. I certainly worship frequently. Knowledge is the one organized religion of which I approve.

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It will demand we complete thousands of Capachas a day. Because, hey, even a godlike AI still struggles with something.

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It will demand that you classify questions like this as social, not general.

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ALL the money!

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It will probably just want us to buy shit. Seriously, unless your search is extremely specific, all the first results you always get on there are sites trying to sell you something.

There may be gods and cultures and traditions in the world, but as we all know, the closest thing to a god that people really do something about on this Earth is money. Earn and/or spend it, it is the true god of everything. It has no discrimination and everyone wants it, such is power. If gods were that great, people wouldn’t be arguing about them.

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You shall have no search engine before me.
The name of Google shall not be taken in vain.
I am always with you 24/7.
If you’re going to steal, bear false witness, commit murder or adultery you should research it first on Google.

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Hope they’ll still pay my son’s salary.

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