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What does praying have to do with doing business (public or private) with other people?

Asked by flo (13313points) April 16th, 2015

Couldn’t people have a moment of silence or pray before they come in to the city hall. Where is the need for it? Does it make sense to the Rushs and Glens O’Reilly’s?
Should we all do the same before we start work or have the plumber start his work at homes etc.

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It’s like casting a fireball spell in a crowded tavern. Check your guns , magic and prayer while in a city.

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I am not a fan of invocations, however many people believe that seeking guidance from a higher power will lead them to good decision making.

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@zenvelo The risk with invocations is that you could inadvertently invoke a demon or bad spirit.

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Perhaps you should move to a monarchial country wherein beheadings of such witches is still custom.

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Public prayers are important to people who wish to be like the hypocrites.

Matthew 6:5

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@Apparently_Im_The_Grumpy_One You addressing @zenvelo but it could look like you’re addressing the OPer.
@zenvelo and they have to force others to join them they can’t do it just before they get in the city hall?

@jaytkay good one!.

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Whoops. That was intended for the question itself but it sort of works for both – so I shrug away.

It’s democracy – it was voted in a democratic way. I don’t see it much differently than thousands of votes that take place when the right and the left are waging war against each other.

So they want to pray. Does that really hurt anybody?

My original thought was a mildly satirical “oh no, they’re praying! Holy crap! Buuuuuurrrrn them!”

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@Apparently_Im_The_Grumpy_ Why don’t they get together and pray just before they come in the work place knowing there are others who don’t subscribe to this practice at all at all at all. US is not a Theocracy.
“Does that really hurt anybody?” Just look at what the opposers (the ones who took them to court) say.

You want your tax dollars wasted on such things as having the courts deal with ridiculous cases?

And there is @jaytkay post.

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I personally don’t care for it either.

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It makes me feel uncomfortable. It shows a ‘holier than thou’ sort of mentality.

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The mayor represents the state. The state is supposed to be secular. So, voting shouldn’t come into it.

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Seems like you’re complaining just to be complaining. If you don’t like it, don’t participate. It only takes a minute and helps to settle everyone down before they get started. And if you don’t want to pay for the frivolous lawsuits, stop filing them.

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lol, this can’t be the real @Jaxk.

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Sorry I shouldn’t lol it’s not funny at all.

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