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How much does it cost to make your own shirt and not an iron on one?

Asked by jamzzy (885points) July 16th, 2008

….self explanitory

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That wasn’t very clear, jamzzy. Your question isn’t that self explanatory (note spelling). Kudos to damien for figuring it out, if that’s what you meant. That was only one of several possibilities I came up and now my brain hurts.

Assuming that was your question, you are correct for not wanting an iron on transfer, as they don’t hold up as well as a silk screened design. You can call around to local print shops, ask if they do it, or to shops that specialize in silk screen designs. The price will vary on the number of shirts you wish to have made, whether or not you have the design (or need them to design it for you) and at what part of the process they need to step in and complete the process.

That’s why damien suggested you google it, as all of those are variables and only you can do the legwork on them in your area.

“Making your own shirt” would indicate buying fabric and sewing the garment yourself, an iron on shirt would be very painful, I would think.

Perhaps the question that you were attempting to ask was more like: “Where can I have one of my designs applied to a (tee?) shirt with the highest quality possible, therefore not an iron on decal”?

If neither of our answers work, then try restating, and perhaps the collective can help you more.

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A few more thoughts, if we have the right take on your question:

The term “silk-screened” may be out of date. When I was doing silk-screening, they were phasing in synthetic fabric for the screen due to the cost of silk, so when you call, they might not be using silk in the description now.

If you are pricing tees, the price and the quality of those vary as well, so be careful if you want to create a quality product. I’m lucky because I have a great print shop in town that has built up their reputation by word of mouth satisfaction from customers. Therefore, I trust the tees that they use. They give you the option of supplying your own, but you have to wash them first to remove the sizing and any fiinshes on the manufactured fabric. Take that into consideration when selecting a place, because if it is your own talent you wish to display, you don’t want something you take pride in and have worked hard creating on inferior fabric.

I hope this helps. Let us know, please.

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I too assumed that he meant buying material and sewing…....

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i was vague… and i cant spell… =[ but thanks !

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Was it helpful, though, was that what you were asking? There are tons of printed tees around, but always room for good and creative ones. I try to get a tee for my son every place we travel, but it isn’t always that easy, so go for it. Have someone help you market them and start in a small quantity and see how that flies. I have only a handful of tees, just because I can’t find what I like, not because I’m not willing to buy them. I also will only buy quality fabric, because I want them to last, mainly because of what is on them.

If we guessed correctly, you are already on the right track by even asking about the iron on factor.

I can’t help but correct spelling, and don’t mind if someone corrects mine, that’s how you learn. The way that I remember explanatory (which sounds like it might be spelled the way that you did) is to think of explanation. That way, you actually hear the second “a”.

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Ok well a plain colored t-shirt isnt going to cost you much of anything seeing how a pack of like 5 costs $9. Depending on how many colors you want Speedball fabric paints are great. If you do not want to buy them sepratley ($5 each) your local craft store should have a speedball starters kit. With a variety of colors, I bought one and believe it was around $15 or $20. Next how are you making your t-shirt? Stencil, screen printing? Stenciling will cost you less stencil paper only costs like $2 for a rather large sheet. If you are going to go with silk screening you need to but the cloth(also found on the site I linked above), also a frame, a squeegee, and emulsion. Which will all come as more of a cost for you. Plus you will have to do your research. Good Luck to you!

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Frankly it seems like more work than necessary to make a brand new shirt like that. It’s way easier to just use sites that you can design on and then have them make the shirt for you. I’m a Victorystore guy myself.

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