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A tall gentleman has just moved up to the Mansion's SECOND floor! 20K Congrats!

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21639points) April 16th, 2015

Well done sir, you wish has been granted! Bravo!

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We aren’t naming names for a reason?

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Gefeliciteerd, @talljasperman

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Congrats, @talljasperman, and thank you for your contributions! :)

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Congratulations, @talljasperman. Your eccentricity makes me smile, and I’m glad you’re here. :)

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20Kongrats to one of the humblest and most peaceful jellies here. :-)

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Congratulation! And best wishes for your future!

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Congratulations, man. You and your cool questions better stick around for a long time to come. I, and many other jellies enjoy your presence here. Welcome to 20K, cheers. :)

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Congrats big fella, I like you because you don’t give a shit, you should feel honoured :D

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Your questions are always interesting and I am so happy to welcome you here! Congrats to the Tall man from Jasper.

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20Kongratulations @talljasperman

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Congratulations @talljasperman! Your questions and answers help keep Fluther interesting.

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@All thanks… 4 years straight . I will take a break from continuing fluther use.

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No! Stay with us. I enjoy your perspective as one tall person to another

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Guess we’ll have to raise the mansion ceiling now. In the meantime, watch your head.

Love your brand of quirk! Take a break, sure, but don’t forget about us.

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Highest praise to you, tall man! Congratulations!

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Cheers, this custom coffin is for you, with a built in pizza bar!

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Mazel Tov @talljasperman from a shorty to a tally!

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Take a break, but hope to hear from you soon.

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@talljasperman: “4 years straight . I will take a break”

You’re legally allowed a 15 minute break. See you in a few…

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Congrats @talljasperman! Man there sure is a sudden flurry of parties!

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I hope it will be just a break? I wanna see you back here, goddamn.

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@talljasperman, congratulations. Well done for being on Fluther duty for four years. I hope you’re break isn’t a long one. We’ll all miss you and your quirky questions and answers. Come back soon.

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@talljasperman I hope you are doing something positive and fun with your break!

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Oh, crap!
Sorry I’m so late!
You’ve always been a quirky favorite of mine.

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Have fun on that break. Don’t be too long, though!

I hereby invite you to my 10K party, and if you don’t show up, I won’t be happy.

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Congrats! Have a nice break!

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@talljasperman Congrats on the 20k! You did it! There’s a small geocache waiting for you in the neighborhood! It’s in the park near 49th and 49th. ;-)
Good luck!

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Congrats, you do bring an interesting perspective to the site.

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Ok I’m back. Just needed a break.

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That was fast! Welcome back ?!

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@talljasperman: “Ok I’m back. Just needed a break.”

That was longer than 15 minutes. You’ll have to skip your next break.

Welcome back!

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I’ve discovered pork dumplings from the Vietnamese restaurant next door. So I will not Fluther hungry anymore.

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@talljasperman Hope you remembered to clock out.

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@talljasperman hope you enjoy our cuisine :)

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I ordered a warm cookie from papa Johns.

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Congrats @talljasperman! That was fast, too!

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I’ve never tried the cookies from Papa Johns but the ones from Subway are killer.

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