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Whats the madest moment you have ever had?

Asked by AtSeDaEsEpPoAoSnA (1502points) July 16th, 2008

Tunnel vision, adrenaline pumping, explosive anger. Or have you always been the calm and quite one(those are usaully the explosive type).

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I can’t remember ever being enraged to that degree, and I don’t know what it would take to get me there. I’ve been close to several people who are prone to out-of-control anger and have seen how damaging it can be for themselves and those around them, so maybe that has made me more conscious of monitoring my own emotional state.

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I was so angry once that I put a bag of dog poopie on Harp’s door step! But, that was yesterday and all is forgiven….

Really, I have been angry over a million small things, but never had a major blow-up that I can think of. Now, in the British version of the word mad, I’ve gone mad plenty and spent oodles of money doing so…heck, that’s why they call it mad money!

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I am usually not an angry person, I am the calm and quiet one you describe. Once someone offended me, my beliefs and my family history with no education or fact to base their opinions on. I exploded with many months of pent up anger and it wasn’t pretty. I made him cry. Oops.

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My ex wife tends to get me that way. Her irrationality makes me irrational. Once after I got off the phone with her I threw my backpack against a brick wall, breaking my PDA in the process. I felt really bad. Not for being angry at her, but because I had to buy a new PDA.

She’s the only person in the world I hate.

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Yes, the infamous “poopie” incident was what I had in mind when I spoke of “out-of-control anger”. I didn’t want to mention names, but since Sueanne outed herself…

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you didn’t step in it, did you?

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Right freaking now, because I have to pay almost $100 to take two final exams next week…..... i’m freaking pissed off like never before.

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Was so desperate to make a living that interviewed for a position of a dance hostess in a restaurant. One was supposed to dance with clients and could earn up to 200.00 a day. I showed up in the place and was horrified by how sleazy the whole thing seemed. Luckily I was wearing a suit. The interviewer looked at me like I dropped from Mars, and of course I was not hired.

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I won’t go into details, but it was when a person hurt a loved one very badly. I will never let him forget that. It is my goal to make sure he regrets it for the rest of his miserable life. So far, I am doing a very good job.

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It is almost unheard of for me to lose my cool. No matter how angry or upset I get, the worst I do is look a little upset and sometimes my hands shake. However, when I was in high school, my best friend’s ex-boyfriend beat her up. On school grounds, no less, and he was given one day of detention—and so was she, because she fought back. The day of his detention, I saw him walking to his car at the end of the day. I can’t remember exactly what I asked/said to him but he told me that if he could repeat the situation the only thing he would change is he would have hit her harder. So I broke his nose. I was already so frustrated at the lack of punishment—which was mostly because his mother told the dean of discipline that he was sorry—that I went completely batshit on him when he flat-out said he’d do it again and try for more damage. (She was already bruised and bleeding.)

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The one time when I actually would have done some one physical damage, was when a teenager in a souped up 80’s mustang, while trying to rev his engines behind me getting on the freeway and pass me before we were legally allowed to merge because my ‘97 tacoma wasn’t accelerating fast enough, spun out and ran into the side of my car. He motioned for me to pull over in front of him, and then took off.

Naturally I took off after him, knowing that my truck was going to peak at 70 mph, which it did.

That was all suckish and everything, but what took it was when I went to check out the damage and found that my driver’s side door didn’t open. That was great during my senior year.

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I haven’t hit my boiling point yet. I tend to hold everything major back. I have the feeling the day I snap isn’t going to be pretty. And will most likely be taken out on my step dad who continues to ruin my little sisters life.

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A younger family member of mine died april of last year. Some guy I barely knew came up to me and said, ” I heard about your cousin dying.” “Im glad that motherf#$%er is dead.” I punched the guy in the mouth and knocked him on the ground then i kicked him in the face a few times. It was over in probably ten seconds. What sucks was I lost all control. I wasn’t thinking at all except about destroying the guy. Im glad some people stopped me because I might have killed him or did some damage that couldn’t be fixed.

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@buster , what an insensitive bastard! Sorry that happened to you.

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@ Buster- I know the feeling. When my best friend died, a girl that was supposed to be my friend was going around spreading rumors about him. And didn’t even care that he was dead. And continued to whine about how no one would want to be at her birthday because it was the day of the viewing. I kept my cool, but I haven’t talked to her since.

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When my ex-boyfriend finally admitted that he had sex with this 270-pound slob.

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@girlofscience I guess that would be why he is you ex, right? Sorry that happened to you.

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@scamp: Yep, that’s why he’s my ex. Thanks for the consolations, but it was years ago, and I’m quite over it. However, at the time, it made me so incredibly mad because it was, like, an 11-month process of him slowly, but surely, revealing to me what happened one drunken night, so when it finally came out, I was furious and gave him a black eye.

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Good for you!

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