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What´s the ultimate summer song?

Asked by shudderbrother (134points) July 16th, 2008

And why, what makes that one special for you?

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In the Summertime by Mungo Jerry. It’s an oldie, but goodie, and lots of fun.

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summertime by will smith. Cause it’s summer + will smith. Movies or music. Talented guy

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Surfin’ USA!!!

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“Boys of Summer” By Don Henley,
O.k. Dj Sammy and The Ataris have good versions of the song, but, you know, Don Henley is Don Henley :) besides, it sounds so 80’s I love that song!

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“age six racer” – dashboard confessional

(also sometimes known as “so long sweet summer”)

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“Centerfield” by John Fogerty. It typifies my feelings of America’s pasttime.

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“All summer Long” by Kid Rock

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“Summer Time”: Porgy and Bess (Geoge Gershwin.) (Ella & Satchmo) (I can’t get rid of the Textile markup) but this duet is perfection.)

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Yes, gail that came to mind as well, but being a left-coast beach native, I had to go with my childhood. That one was also part of my childhood, when visiting the Mighty Miss. My grandparents grew cotton, ran a gin, and the kids picked it, so my mom grew up doing that.

…and Scamp, that one also came to mind, along with Brandy, both out when we first moved to Hawaii, so they really fit phase two of my life.

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doin’ time – sublime

soo many good memories. and it’s perfect for driving around at night with a car full of friends, just blasting it. good stuff.

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And lest we not forget: See you in September.

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@Robmandu: great song. One of my roommates in college would open the windows and play that song all he time in the summer.

@Willbrawn: Classic! That’s all I have to say.

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@Seesul Brandy is a good song. See you in September really brings back memories. my brother bought it for me just before he left for Viet Nam. My birthday is in september, and I was really upset about his leaving. I was worried he would be killed. I was only 9 years old, and he promised me he would be back for my birthday.

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Yep, good song, I love to have my car full of friends :)

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Here is a YouTube video of the version of Summertime that gailcalled referred to. I second its nomination.

@gc Ella & Louis were a big part of my husband & I falling in love. I remember slow dancing very late at night in his apartment on Spruce Street in Philadelphia to their version of Birds Do It.

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“Scotty Doesn’t Know” – Lustra from Eurotrip


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@Marina; I hope that he had A/C. Romance in a Philly summer on Spruce St. “Isn’t it Romantic?” (Rogers and Hart) or September Song “Oh, It’s a Long, Long Time from May to December?” sung by Frank Sinatra. (Or “It’s Too Darn Hot.”)

Too hot to Google.

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‘At The Beach’ by the Avett Brothers.


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@ Maude: I always think of this version. It’s sad and it’s slow and it’s quiet. He opens on his own then 16 bars in Paul comes in on drums. Another stanza later Mickey chimes in with his most soluful harmonica (and he only plays one haunting note, again and again). By the time I’m to the guitar solo, I’m mush.

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I just remembered that Lindsay Buckingham had this great summer song, Countdown!

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