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Have we failed to contact, or be contacted, by extraterristrial intelligence because we may be one of the first?

Asked by Blondesjon (33994points) April 17th, 2015

Somebody has to have taken the first steps and there are still billions and billions of years for the rest of the universe to catch up.

Could Earth, and countless planets like ours, simply be at the point in their socio/technological evolution that we are all at the forefront of colonizing the Universe?

If this were true what would it mean in terms of understanding how the Universe evolves as a whole?

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I prefer to think that the fact that we haven’t been contacted is proof that the ARE intelligent.

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You are under quarantine.

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@ragingloli I forget that you are an alien sometimes.

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My personal opinion is that everything is too spread out. Maybe other planets have sent out satellites with records of their history like we did, but what are the chances of those satellites actually reaching us ya know? But anything is possible in a space so mindbogglingly massive and vast.

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Let’s say there are billions of plants out there and conservatively thousands of planets with intelligent alien life. That would mean the odds that we’re the first are exceptionally low.

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Good question.
But to put it another way…
Which would be the more wondrous discovery-that there was intelligent life someplace else in the universe, OR that Earth was the absolutely only place in the universe where it happened.
In, my opinion, either would be fantastic.

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If there are aliens out there who are more technologically advanced than we are, but are pacifists, they will never come here. I mean look at what we did to Our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ. And people talk of a second coming. LOL. If I was Jesus I’d be like, fuck you guys. Nailing my ass to a fucking cross anshit…da hell widdat!
Aliens who are not combative by nature won’t come here unless they want something. And then it won’t make a difference. Because say the aliens are aggressive…they’ll just fuck us up, if they’re more advanced than we are. So would the pacifist ones, if they wanted something. Pacifist or not, why aliens haven’t come to contact us is maybe because they already know what they need to about us. If we’re naught but ants to them, they might capture some of us for closer inspection, but unless they want our resources, or the whole planet, I don’t know that we’ll ever see them. If we do, they’ll probably wipe us out.

I seriously, honestly and no longer joking, wonder…is the military equipped to fight something other than humans? I wonder how they would do against typical, movie style aliens like predators, xenomorphs or romulans.

Or maybe aliens created us, and instilled within us our violent nature, and they’re waiting for us to reach our apex of violence to use us as efficient weapons against other aliens. Maybe they don’t need to contact us, since they created us.

Serious answer though, I’m thinking, the universe is supposed to be so damn huge, maybe even super advanced aliens can’t come over here since it’s too far. Maybe they don’t even know we’re here. Even if they’re more advanced than us, maybe they still don’t have the equipment required for big ass travel. And if they’re inferior to us, we might never see them.

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Serious intelligences are too few are far between to be contacted. Besides, if the radio and TV signals could be picked up, could go that far to be picked up, could be picked up at a time of that distant intelligence’s technological ability (and ours), etc., etc., we would have/will have been extinct for eons. And visa-versa.

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Maybe an alien in another planet far far away is wondering the same thing at the moment?

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Maybe they visited our rock in the time of the dinosaurs, shat there fucking pants & pissed off.
Or…they’ll show up next tuesday & arse rape every man named Trevor, we just don’t know.

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The universe doesn’t evolve. It changes. Evolution requires more than change.

We’re cows. Our ranch is all there is. Funny looking little cows push us around and tweak our nipples. The other day, Bessy suggested they’re not funny looking cows at all, but instead, strange beings from another level of existence. Crazy bitch.

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I think you’re confusing evolution with revolution in this case.

Adaptability and change are not brother/sister but they are kissin’ cousins.

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From the OP…

“If this were true what would it mean in terms of understanding how the Universe evolves as a whole?”

Soap bubbles don’t evolve. They simply change.

I don’t know how to incorporate the concept of revolution into that fact.

Adaptability requires directive. Change requires chaos. Polar opposites.

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What you’re hinting at is called the Fermi Paradox

Basically, If space is so large, and the building blocks of life are common, where are all the aliens at. And one of the list of possible explanations is that we are the most advanced at this time. But, there are also tons of other explanations.
This is worth the read. or at least glancing over.

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Just because we give a shit does not mean they do.

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