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How do i stitch photos together (to create a sequence)

Asked by waterskier2007 (2050points) July 16th, 2008

i am entering a photo contest and i am going to be taking 5 or 6 photos within a 2 second period and i want to stitch them together (im not sure if thats the correct terminology or not, but go with it for now). what would be the best app to use for this. i want to put them into a sequence of photos

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Set them as seperate layers in photoshop or gimp or whatever layering photo editor you have, then erase what isn’t seen on the next layer below.

if that makes sense?

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no, im not trying to overlay them, i want them to be next to each other so it goes from one photo to another

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then crop each photo if you want to crop, and just paste them next to each other?

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You mean creating a panorama image? Hugin is simple to use with good documentation (like this) available in case you need it.

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For free, you might want to try using Gimp.

For pay, Adobe is the recognized leader, with Photoshop CS3 being the premium item.

What you want to do is create a canvas big enough to hold the 5 or 6 photos all together.

I tried researching some of the free online photo editors like Picnik and Photoshop Express… but they all seem to focus on editing existing photos, not creating new images.

Ooooohhh… @Vincentt’s suggestion looks intriguing.

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i have seashore, which i believe is like GIMP, im not good with the terminology though./ i know i have to paste them side by side i just wanted to know what the best app was for this

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You don’t need any software, you just have to copy and paste and save it.

They have panorama software, but that is made for stitching images with like sides together, not stitch a sequence together, sequences are just plain easy, really all you have to do is copy.. and paste right next to the image, that’s all lit takes.

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copy and paste into what program though, thats what i want to know

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the program you use; seashore.

Take the number of images you have, multiply their width by however many sequences you want to do, make a new image with the same height, and the multiplied width, then copy the original images into the new one, and move as necessary.

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is there a maximum imageg size, that you know of. im trying to make a large image but seashore wont let me. and i searched the help files but i cant find anything. like i enter the size i want and it simply refuses to do it

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Then try something else. Not a seashore guy myself. Photoshop will let you make just about any size (like billboards). I expect Gimp would be the same.


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Very cool things can happen if you stitch your photos together properly.

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It isn’t hard though, I have almost a same version of that picture I took by stitching together pictures I took using my camera phone, no they aren’t as sharp, but it wasn’t meant to be very large, infact it’s meant to be under half it’s real size.

4 images taken from my free samsung phone of turner field in Atlanta
stitched together using photoshop

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