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What's your favorite dish?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) April 17th, 2015

As asked.

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BBQ steak and a Caesar salad.

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Oh there are so many but my famous chicken breast pepper “steak” sandwiches are right up there. Made them last night. Baked chicken breast slathered in sauteed red, yellow and orange bell peppers and grilled onions with melted provelone cheese on a french roll with mayo. Oooh mama! lol

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Death and FunFruits.

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Vintage Corelle

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Tenbura please!

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A cheese sandwich. Organic cheese on organic, whole-meal, rye. This is what will tie me to Germany for the rest of my life.

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The one with spongebob pictures on, I use it for soup…mostly.

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Chicken pot pie, roast beef with Yorkshire pudding and murgh tikka masala are all tied for first place.

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The deflector dish.

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I like so many things it’s impossible to name only one as a favorite. It depends on what I’m in the mood for. Sometimes it’s beef like roast beast or steak. Sometimes it’s something creamy and starchy like mac and cheese, homemade. Sometimes Indian food or whatever (I was reminded by @janbb).

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Hard to say, but the foods I most often crave are mashed potatoes, cold rare steak, and soft cheeses. Not at the same time.

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A case of beer.

there’s a pork chop in every can

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Chocolate pudding!

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Short ribs and egg nog.

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I can’t pick just one so here’s several:

Woodfired mushroom and cheese pizza

Baked macaroni and cheese

Cheese enchiladas

Aloo Gobi

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Naan bread topped with spicy hummus, sliced tomatoes and feta cheese. Grill until the cheese starts to turn brown. Divine!

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I never get tired of pasta. I’m making some tonight with a tomato-beef sauce.

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you mean bolognese?

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@ragingloli I hesitated to call it that because it seemed like such a simple recipe. This is the recipe, so you can determine for yourself. (I’m using pasta in lieu of polenta.)

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Lurve to all…there were no bad answers. I wanted a question anyone could answer and one that was ambiguous enough to allow people to interpret as they see fit.

Everyone that mentioned cheese gets a bonus gold star.

Personally, I now have a hankerin for Naan bread topped with spicy hummus, peeled sliced tomatoes and feta cheese, served on my vintage Corelle.

Now I’m going to have to make that cheese polenta, @dxs!

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Shepherds Pie.

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When I was in college, @rojo, we met exchange students from Ireland who lamented that they couldn’t find shepherd’s pie in the US. We brought them home and I made a pie based on their description. They bragged on it. (What else could they do?) Since, I’ve had bragging rights that “I make a Shepherd’s pie that the Irish called their own!”

For all I know it was authentic. The ‘sauce’ was hamburger gravy.

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@ibstubro Let me know how it comes out! I used canned tomato salsa (the stuff without much seasoning) and it came out okay, but Chef Boyardee compared to my grandmother’s .

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I thought that Shepherd’s pie is made with ground lamb and Cottage Pie is made with ground beef.

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Shepherd’s Pie is great!

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@Pied_Pfeffer I think you are right technically but I’ve often heard the one made with beef called Shepherd’s Pie too. It’s one of the things I miss the most about my Ex.

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All I know, @Pied_Pfeffer, is that they were from Ireland and I made the dish from their description. It was the first I’d ever heard of it, so I had no preconceptions. I would imagine that your economic status might be a determining factor. Wiki: “The term shepherd’s pie did not appear until 1877, and since then it has been used synonymously with “cottage pie”, regardless of whether the principal ingredient was beef or mutton.”

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@ibstubro What matters is that the meal was a success, so congratulations are in order!

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Elvis plates.

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@ibstubro for great Shepherds Pie, use Bisto. I can usually find it in the grocery store in the ‘International Section” and, as a last resort, World Market always has it.

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Also, you might try what I call “Mexican Shepherd’s Pie”. Same basics but I substitute black beans and corn for the peas and carrots and throw in some Hatch peppers from time to time. Also, spice it up as you like using various chili powders and hot sauces.

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@rojo ^^ That sounds wonderful : )

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That does sound really good, @rojo. Thanks.

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Tonight my awesome fresh from the garden barndwine tomatos with Balsamic vinegar, olive oil and fresh basil. Mmmmm good!

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@Coloma: You mean “brandywine” tomatoes?

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@haha,...yes wow, what the hell happened there. Obviously I didn’t proofread. Oh well, I was tired last night.

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