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Have you ever wondered if a modded answer was yours?

Asked by talljasperman (21850points) April 18th, 2015

I can’t remember everything that I answered and I wonder if I was modded without knowing it. What about you?

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I would remember if I had answered the question not too long ago. If it was from quite a while back though, I might not recall. Also, if a question appears in your feed, it means you answered it. So if you look in there, can’t find your answer and there are modded responses, well there ya go. That is if you only had one answer in the question.

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I wondered this about one of my questions. I was looking for one of my past questions and couldn’t find it. I’ve only asked 53 questions, so I searched through them three times, and no luck.

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Modded answers tend to be provocative, and I don’t think they mod answers so old that you would have forgotten.

If a question was removed, it would be kicked back for editing before being deleted, @dxs

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I usually know when one of mine was modded off but I am sooo curious when I see a string of modded responses from other people that I didn’t get a chance to read.

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@ibstubro Not all the time. I had one question deleted, with absolutely no feedback or anything. It disappeared, and I was told nothing. This was, however, a mistake. I asked the mods about it, turned out to be a little fuckaroo. So while it wasn’t intentional to not notify me…it happens.
It all worked out in the end, but at first I was pissed lol.

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If you’re a fucking idiot & you dare to bark at me, then the personal attack is most likely mine :D

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<- unhelpful

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I know. Because I always know why I’m modded.

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@ibstubro I’d think so, too. But, this question was answered with discussion and everything. I have no record of it. Now that I think back on it, I might’ve deleted it. I can’t remember.

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I know and it used to bother me but then I just said “fuck it”. And moved on to the next question.

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If I’m modded, I undoubtedly knew I was posting off-topic or was saying something modable.

I’m bothered more about responses that were modded in social or where I’ve seen other people’s responses and don’t think they warranted modding.

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You can’t delete your own question, @dxs.
You can request a moderator delete it, and (technically) only at the outset.
Fluther search sux.

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There have been times when I am not sure if a modded answer was mine. Usually, I know if and why I was modded. Usually I agree with the mod, I already predicted the answer might get modded, but about 25% of the time I am shocked that an answer of mine was modded, and completely disagree on the reasoning. Not just for myself, but also when other people’s answers are modded I disagree with the mods about 25% of the time. I still prefer to have the moderating though, no question about it.

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I always knew when I was modded, and I usually knew why, too. I’ve wonderered about moderated content by others, though, very often. My curiousity is finally satisfied, now that I can see censored comments.

You know how mods don’t get paid? I’d rather see the secret stuff than get paid.

P.S.: If anyone would like to pay me – that’s okay!

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I don’t get modded that often and I always know when it happens. Usually it’s because I’ve answered a question in General I thought was in Social.

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There’s never a need for me to wonder. The answer “disappears” and that’s that. Pointless to fret. It would be like cursing the weather.

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@ibstubro Yeah that’s what I meant. But I skimmed through my message history and didn’t find anything.

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@dxs If you described the question, it’s possible someone on the team would be able to help. Feel free to use the contact form or PM one of us.

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Yes, I have. I think only one or two times I’ve been modded but can’t really say for sure. I don’t really keep track.

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