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Now that both you and your child are older, what is it you would do differently if parenthood started again?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) April 19th, 2015

Knowing what you know now, imagine your child(same one/s) you have now was coming into the world tomorrow. What would you do differently this time round? Or would you change nothing in the way you raised him/her?

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You ask this as I have traveled half way across the world to celebrate the birth of my 9th grand child.
There are so many things I would do different! I could spend hours reciting my mommy guilt but my children have found the grace to forgive me so I am trying hard to forgive myself.

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So many things. I’d spend more time just cuddling with them, rather than trying to rush them off to bed so I could get a break.

I’d be gentler, especially with my middle daughter.

So many things.

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@Judi wow! Happy birthday to the ninth angel in your family! I am sure you handled things more than well! Enjoy the little one!

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Wouldn’t do anything different we chose not to have children when we got married 26years ago and have never regretted it, EVER!

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I wish I had found a way to be more relaxed as a parent and made it easier for them to be easier on themselves.

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The good thing is, overall I am happy with my parenting.

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I would have been less picky about things being neat and tidy and let her make more messes. I have so outgrown my OCD housework days.
Otherwise I am happy with my parenting, I was fun, funny, creative, adventurous and almost always said ” yes we can keep it!” haha

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Not a single thing. Hard to improve on perfection.

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I think I would agree to start having children a little earlier than we did. And probably have more than one. I took ill about the time we decided on a second and having more children became impossible.

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More time. Just spending more time playing and being silly and cuddling and enjoying them as children. Reading more books, watching more films, taking more photos and videos. Writing down all the things they said that made me laugh or smile or amazed at their brilliance. You think you’ll remember them all but you don’t. I did do these things, but I wish I’d done them more.

As parents we get so wrapped up in keeping the house neat, working to pay bills and all that serious stuff, sometimes the joy of just being a parent can get a little lost. If I could turn back the clock, I’d spend more time being totally with them. I’d still have to work I’m sure, but who cares if the washing isn’t folded or the floor isn’t swept.

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Yeah, I kinda wish I’d had one more too.

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