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What was the last thing you did that you would consider daring?

Asked by ucme (50031points) April 21st, 2015

Doesn’t need to be an extreme/hardcore act, just something that took some guts, maybe you acted out of character in doing so.

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I signed a contract adopting a puppy today. Very daring, for a worrier like I am!

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Kudos, @longgone. That’s one lucky puppy!

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I gave a guy my phone number last Fall.

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@Pachy Aw, thanks! Appreciate that! :]

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Last month I made the difficult attempt to break the year-long logjam in the estrangement between my bother and me by writing—and I mean hand writing, not just emailing—him a note. No result… but I tried.

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@Pachy Is he your “brother” or your “bother”?

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Does Bungee jumping count??

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He’s both, but thanks for catching that lousy typo.

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@Pachy Is he broth as well?

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Yesterday I taught my brother some wisdom: Swearing doesn’t make you a bad person.

For once I feel like I’m a true adult in my house.

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@janbb, well, as far as I’m concerned, he’s in the soup.

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This was many years ago, but I jumped off a pretty tall cliff into a somewhat-shallow pool of water (I wasn’t the first of my friends to go). My feet hit the bottom so it was probably 8 -10 feet deep. I’m sure I’ve done other daring stuff more recently, but that was terrifying and just goes to show how peer pressure can get you to do ridiculous things.

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I met someone in person that I met online. I’m extremely introverted and extremely shy, so it was one of the hardest things I’ve ever forced myself to do, even though I’d talked with the person for years and already highly valued them.

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@SQUEEKY2 That depends on you, if you consider that daring or a piece of cake.

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I’ve done some bold things, as I often do for my job and in my personal life. Daring as in physically daring where I risk my physical safety? I have to think about that one.

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I’d have to say my PCa treatment choice was daring. I looked at the Sloan Kettering prediction tool for prostate cancer and calculated my odds of recurrence for different treatments. The charts and doctors recommended surgery, drugs, and radiation to give me the best odds, about 75% chance of no recurrence. Surgery alone would have given me 70%. Unfortunately radiation brings with it many side effects as do drugs. I carefully weighed quality of life issues for all treatment. .
I decided to opt out of radiation and drugs and just have surgery gambling that I would be in the 70% group.
That was almost 6 years ago so I was right. Whew!

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This is probably rather boring, but I broached a subject with someone yesterday that might have sparked off a negative reaction. Instead it paid off…

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