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Is it, or would it be, possible to synthetically manufacture an apple using technology?

Asked by rojo (24023points) April 23rd, 2015

Or any fruit or vegetable using genetic engineering? Not the plant to grow said fruit but the actual object. Is the DNA of an apple different from that of an apple tree?
I know they have worked on In Vitro meats taking muscle cells and applying a protein that promotes tissue growth, what would a comparable action or material in plants?

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Adam & Eve, William Tell, Sir Isaac Newton, Steve Jobs…belief at its core.

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You could 3d print it. They’ve done it with organs. I’m sure an apple would prove less challenging.

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Why not. Humans are capable of all sorts of wonderous stuff.

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3d print the apple with applesauce. I think that would work..

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according to Ray Kurzweil, we will have nano bots capable of printing food out of thin air by 2040. I’d imagine it will take even longer to get past the social stigma of printed food though. Considering we’ve had the ability to for a full scale launch of self driving cars for the past 10 years or so, yet still decades out from it happening.

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An apple tree is a mechanism for nano-assembling an apple out of thin air plus water and trace minerals, guided by its programming in the DNA.

If you don’t have the land or water or weather to grow an apple then a synthesized one could seem pretty attractive. If you have a synthesizer capable of an apple, it can probably make a lot of edible things and could help colonists on Mars avoid monotony.

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