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Can anyone help me fix the weird problem with my thumb?

Asked by poofandmook (17277points) April 24th, 2015

For some reason, the skin on the top ⅓rd of my right thumb grows in super dry and almost scaly. It’s worse right around the nail. I’ve tried putting the best lotions I have on it with a glove at night, and sometimes I’ll goop it up with Gold Bond Healing Hand Cream and put one of those latex finger dealies you use to sort through paper (the ones that look like little condoms) over it. By the next day the tip of my thumb looks like a friggin dragon’s back again.

I’m curious to see if anyone has any insight to why this only happens on the tip of one thumb, and if anyone can give me ideas to fix it. It’s rather unsightly.

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It might be some kind of fungal infection if it is not responding to lotion. Have you seen a dermatologist?

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I never thought a cruddy looking thumb would be reason to see a dermatologist. Especially since it’s only the tip of it.

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If it’s an infection it won’t go away until you get the right treatment but it’s your choice depending on how much it bothers you.

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My mom gave me this foot sander thing for my birthday that I’ve used (VERY gently) on the very thick skin next to my thumb nails. It’s helped thin it out and looks much better since using it. It’s been 3 months and I think I’m due to do it again… so it’s not something to be done often.

If you want feedback, you could call a dermatologist office and ask to speak to a nurse… describe the thumb and ask if they think it’s a dermatological/potential infectious issue.

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Also, I moisturize with straight coconut or olive oil. The additives to lotions, even good ones, can be drying.

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I suspect that unless you are a patient of the dermatologist, no nurse will give you advice over the phone.

Do you have an Urgent Care facility nearby?

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@gailcalled Good point. I didn’t mean to ask for advice on the thumb, but rather ask whether a scaly thumb might be a reason to see a dermatologist. I was inferring from OPs comment that she didn’t think it was a medical issue.

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If it’s fungal you’re doing all the wrong things. Have you tried the lotramin creams?

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Get fungal treatment.

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Why not get a small tube of anti-fungal cream (they’re available OTC now) and give that a try (under the finger cot) rather than the lotions?

It won’t do any harm and if it does more good than the lotions, then that gives you the clue that it’s fungal in origin.

If it were me and this had been annoying me for a long time, I’d just go straight to a Dermatologist and get it diagnosed already. More than half the solution to a problem lies in defining the problem.

Once diagnosed, then you have a clear course of action to take.

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I agree with janbb.

I worked for a Veterinarian who had a similar problem and it was caused by a fungus.

We know athletes foot is a fungus maybe some Lotrimin lotion might work?
But I’m not a doctor, I just play one on TV haha jk good luck :)

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Different fungal infections respond differently to medications. If the first one you try doesn’t work, you’ll need a different formulation.

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Thanks… I’ll grab something at the pharmacy.

Now I feel gross. lol

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