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If you worked for 2 days, and then quit on short notice, do they still pay you?

Asked by The_Inquisitor (3158points) July 16th, 2008

I worked at this place for 2 days, about 4 hours for both of them, and then i got a job offer a few days later, from the place that i had always wanted to work at, i couldn’t turn down the job offer, so i quit on short notice for a job that i only worked 2 days. Do they still pay me for the 2 days i worked though?

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yes, i believe they have to

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when i quit, the boss just said “No problem” and left.. he didn’t even give me a chance to explain why, or anything at all. >_>

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I had someone do that to me at Albertson’s. Her husband decided that he didn’t like Oregon and wanted to go back to Mississippi so he told her to quit right then and there. We had to get an address to mail her a check. Even if it was just for 4 hours one day.

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You are entitled by law to pay for your work. You will probably receive the checks in the mail within the next 3–4 weeks.

I know this isn’t what you asked, and you seem like you are young, but you may not want to let this become a pattern.

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If you are in California I believe they have to make your pay available within twenty four hours of you giving notice that you quit.

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No i’m not in california
@Marina, i usually do not quit like that or back out of anything and stay commited to it even if i don’t like the job, but… i didn’t know what i could do, and having 3 jobs would have been too much pressure. I sure won’t make it a pattern of it.

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@cc I hear you. I know it was your dream job, and I understand.

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@cc What is your dream job?

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Congrats on getting the better job! I’m proud of you.

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Congrats on the new job. I won’t worry about it on your record, you don’t even have to put it down. And even if you did, it’s KFC I don’t think anyone would look down on you for leaving KFC after two days. I’m not saying there’s anything wrong with working at KFC, I worked at Pizza Hut for my first job, but I know that no one really enjoys working at those places.

Good luck at the new job!

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I quit my first job (Taco Bell) after about four months. I walked out 15 minutes into my shift, and it just so happened to be the first day of the pay period. I got a check for $1.19. I don’t think I ever cashed it.

I felt kind of bad for walking out, not so much for the company, but for the other employees on my shift. I figured they should’ve paid me for the full shift and we could’ve called it even for the four months of breakless shifts I worked.

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Lol, thanks, my ‘dream job’ isn’t really a dream job, haha, just some place i wanted to work at. ;)

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So what is though? That is my question. I’ll rephrase it. What is your so called “Dream Job”

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cough cough I’d rather not say. haha..

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now I am totally curious!

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Lol, well then, “curiosity killed the cat” ;)

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@curiouscat judging by your user name , you should be very carefull then. ha ha!! Just teasing ya!

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Haha, that’s where i got my username from. I’m really curious, and so my friend always said “curiosity killed the cat”

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Maybe your dream job is private detective . That would be a good calling for a curious person, haha!!

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