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What is the difference between C , C + , and C++.

Asked by talljasperman (21858points) April 24th, 2015

Just wondering.

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C+ doesn’t exist.

C++ is an updated version of the language C; most significantly, the concept of object oriented programming was added into it.

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C- – is D. lol

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Mind if I add?
Is C sharp anything different?

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C is the “root” language (kind of like Latin is to the Romance Languages). There were several programming languages back in the day like Fortran. C was a big deal when it came out. Then there was this paradigm shift in programming in the 80’s called “object oriented programming.” Several different languages sprung up make C object-oriented in various different ways. C++ and Objective-C were 2 early languages that did this. C# was Microsoft’s version of an object oriented variant of C.

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C is what the world runs on, most embedded systems, computer operating systems and core software is still written using plain old C or some derivative of it. C+ is the grade that just gets you by. C++ is the C language with an object oriented data structure as well as other extensions. It’s not used as much as people think it is. The ++ is an inside joke…sort of, ++ is the increment operator in C. C# is a part of the .net Microsoft programming language ecosystem and is sort of like a shitty version of Java but has specific advantages.

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@ARE_you_kidding_me So C+ does exist?

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@dxs I have always been under the impression that C++ is an upgraded version of C+, which was an improvement over the original C programming language. I do recall that, back in the mid-90s, the local junior college math department taught both C+ and Pascal as separate semester-long courses.

Also, at least early on, wasn’t the Linux OS written in open source C+ code that anybody fluent in the language could modify to meet their own needs?

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C+ does not exist at all. No such thing.

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Ohh I get it now.

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C++ was based on C and retains a great deal of the functionality. C++ does not retain complete source-level compatibility with C. There are a few gotchas for C++ programmers trying to write C code, and C programmers trying to compile with a C++ compiler

C+ not exist.

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