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Help me figure out what song these lyrics are from?

Asked by ilvorangeiceblocks (865points) April 26th, 2015

Background: this song was in a school show from 2001 or 2004, so it’s quite a while ago, but here’s the lyrics I remember…
“I’ve got this photograph of you,
it’s in my head,
and it won’t, ever fade away!
My eyes they took a snap of you and my heart said;
“Photograph, please don’t laugh.. I love you…!”
I’ve tried google a thousand times, but alas. Perhaps someone here is well versed in obscure songs about photographs?

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Just FYI, if you go and plug a bit of lyrics into Youtube it will pull up the song.

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“This video is not available.” – unless it’s been taken down since you posted that, it might not have been appearing in my country.
Thanks for the tip, @Dutchess_III I but I’d already tried that and nothing except for one direction and nickelback appeared! However it is indeed the Spike Milligan song that @dxs has come up with! Grazie a tutti :)

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@ilvorangeiceblocks I found it by Googling the first line(s) you posted. You can tell by how many views the video has that it isn’t a very popular song.

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No, just that it isn’t a popular song among people who watch youtube videos. I watch about one a month. So, it’s all relevant.

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