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Is it normal to hold hands with friends?

Asked by TimeDimension (43points) April 26th, 2015

For example if you’re like 12–20 and your the same sex.

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Yes, I think so. It’ll depend on each person and each friendship, obviously, but I definitely think it’s normal for a lot of people. I’m 30 and my best friend and I sit so closely on the couch sometimes that you may as well call it cuddling. But we’ve known each other for 20 years, so it’s not a big deal.

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That depends on where you live. In my place I can hold hands with some friends even though we are not best friends. But at least they are my close friends.

I know some cultures not approving of holding hands like Japan.

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If you live in the United States, it’s almost certain that people will think that you are gay if you hold hands with a non family member, of the same sex, whether or not the two people are best friends or just acquaintances. So the question isn’t so much is it normal, but is it common. So no, it’s not common.

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NO! Friends are friends, nothing else. But some people don’t differentiate like I do, which makes it confusing!

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It depends entirely on the culture. I’ve known people in their teens who hold hands, but were in different countries or from another culture than the US. You have to take it case by case. And don’t read too much into stuff like that. It only creates DRAMA, which is stupid.

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Another vote for “depending on the culture.” While spending a week in Morocco, we saw many men walking down the street holding the hand of another male. This is in a country where homosexuality is not only taboo but can lead to death.

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