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What do you smell like?

Asked by Devilishtreat (621points) April 27th, 2015

Everyone has a scent.

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I smell like peaches.

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Whatever lotion I used.

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Fresh baked cookies.

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Like a team of mountaineers climbing to the summit…everyone has ascent.

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A real man.

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You tell me – I have no idea.

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@Blackberry What does a real man smell like?

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Right now, like burning sage, dirt, and a hint of tomato plant.

Hopefully later on I’ll smell like lemons and henna. I need to dye my hair.

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Earthy musk and hair

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Cannabis and beer.

sometimes irish spring and delirium tremens

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Apparently pretty good. I wear this very light floral scented deodorant that drives one of my friends/coworkers practically mad with passion. I teasingly told him that I would pick up a container of it for him to take home so he could smell it whenever he liked.

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I just shaved so I smell like bay rum, with a touch of cheese crackers because I spilled the crumbs down the front of my shirt trying to get the last cheesy bit of goodness out of the bag.

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Lollipops and gasoline.

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@Symbeline That sounds like fun.

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I smell like tobaco and bullets.

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Variety of perfumes! I use a different one each day.

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Usually like Bengay® analgesic heat rub. It works great for sore muscles and joints.

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Sometimes saw dust, other times house paint, rarely Cologne, weeds and grass at other times, then sometimes I smell like good old funky sweat.

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My scent varies.
Right now I smell shower fresh, in a few hours when I go down to clean the horses stalls, groom and feed I will smell like pine shavings, alfalfa, manure and shedding horses.
Eau de stable. lol

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I smell like dust a lot, because of owning an auction house.

But never a day passes without a shower, tooth brush, deodorant and cologne.
So, on an average morning, I smell like a minty floral bouquet in a cranberry bog just after a spritz of Hugo Boss. :-)
Not that great of a nasal ‘picture’.

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