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If one puts up walls, either physically or mentally, is it to keep things out, or to keep things in?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) April 27th, 2015

If you have walls up physically to insulate yourself from the world, or mentally to do the same, is it to keep stuff out, or to keep stuff in? Can it have unintended results, by trying to keep something in, you could block something good from entering, thus keeping it out?

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I have a wall, mentally. It’s the wall I built for my little mental world. It is to keep things out. Not that I am asocial, but everyone has a part of their mind that they don’t want anyone to know. Some things are better kept hidden.

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To keep things out. Normal people have a zone of “personal space” that starts about 24” away from their person. Get inside that space and their alarms go off!

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To prevent the outside “noise” and “pollution” from entering.

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wether mental or physical walls i place up are there when I am absorbed into a project and wish to complete it as soon as possible.
Otherwise when projects done I am social again.

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Keep things out.

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You are keeping things out, good and bad.

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