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Why do you Twitter?

Asked by whattodo2 (91points) July 16th, 2008

Does it really “bring you closer to people” as claimed?

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I don’t.

Oh, never mind you weren’t talking to me.

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I’m not gonna anymore since PupnTaco doesn’t.

Seriously, I have tried ever so hard to get interested in twitter, I just really can’t get into it.

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I tried Twitter and I just couldn’t seem to enjoy it. Plus, none of my friends have an account.

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Like Pupetc. said: I don’t. If people need to know where I am or what I’m up to, they will know. If they don’t…....there’s a reason!

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I do it because I’m getting my friends to do it and it’s pretty cool once you get into it.

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Honestly I hadn’t heard of it until just now. Is it new or am I behind?

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Oh dear, oh dear.

You really haven’t missed anything important

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Thought so, thanks

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I tweet (the act of using Twitter is known as “to tweet”) but not so much with friends who prefer to communicate online on Facebook but to build connections with other people. I have interests in public affairs, for instance, and in recent days I’ve “found” public affairs professionals, like what they have to say, and we now “follow” each other.

If you use Twitter as an alternative to AIM or cellular messaging with friends, that might work for you. But for me, I use it to network with like-minded professionals and other bloggers about common subjects.

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I don’t know many people that use twitter, I got one of my sisters to join it, and a friend of hers that I talk to, my sister and he i mean.. besides them I just follow like NASA and engadget on twitter, All my friends use facebook status instead.
same difference really…

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Twitter may have saved me ~$100 today. I poster, er… tweeted about how bad my MacBook Pro’s battery is getting, and an old friend who used to work for Apple told me that I can probably get it replaced for free since I’m still under AppleCare. This was contrary to the research I had already conducted, and I wouldn’t have thought to ask him directly (heck, I wouldn’t have thought to ask anyone—I had already done my research). So, it can provide a sort of “tapping the collective” thing, just like Fluther aims to do. Except in Twitter’s case, it just happened. I didn’t even try, and it saved me a ton of money.

So, in short, you can sometimes learn things from people when you wouldn’t have even thought to ask a question in the first place. Twitter facilitates that.

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I use it for sending snarky comments about websites and media to my friends. I never use it to tell people every mundane aspect of my life… in fact, I usually respond quite sarcastically to my friends when they do that.

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I use it to express my thoughts or announce where I’m at. If I’m planing something, like going to the movies, I’ll tweet to see who else may want to come. I like to think of it too as short hand blogging.

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Plug in keywords at Twitter Search or TweetScan which search tweets, not unlike Google and other engines that search websites and blogs.

AIM chatrooms and Facebook messaging doesn’t allow historical searches, but Twitter is like a microblog so it’s all out in the open unless if one protects his/her content.

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I use it to keep track of my sleep patterns, to make note of things I want to blog about later and to list books/movies/music I want to check out when I’ve got the time.

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Brings me much closer to friends I went to college with, we all now work as designers and use it in a closed environment (i.e private updates so only each other can see) as a kind of on going conversation but not as instantaneous or demanding as IM…

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twitter is really cool i love it! its faster than a blog. the most time i only post one sentences or something. i have more time for twitter than for my blog xD

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