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If you have an iPhone (5/5s/6/6+), how much would you spend on a Custom Made 3D Printed phone case?

Asked by IM_D_B (1points) April 29th, 2015

Its for my project work

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It really depends on the artisanship and craftsmanship. I’d pay less for something that is rough enough that you can feel the lines between print layers than something smoother, and more for something that had fine details than something that omitted them for the sake of quicker/easier printing.

Also, what about coloring? Are we talking monochrome, a layer of paint that will wear off, or something printed in multiple colors and thus won’t get the color worn off?

How functional is it? Are we talking something merely cosmetic, something that will make it nearly invulnerable, or someplace in between? Does it cover ports to keep dust (or even water) out?

There are a ton of variables in play here, so there is a wide range of prices I would be willing to pay.

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I think some people would pay quite a lot. Not me though, I’m not really into that kind of thing. It falls in to the category of showy which is not my style. I bought my case for £1

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I wouldn’t pay any more for it than I would for a regular case. $20?

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Well I can 3D print it myself and I don’t have an iPhone
but I don’t think 15–20 USD is unreasonable. Maybe 30–35 if it’s really well made.

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I wouldn’t pay more than $15 for a standard 3d printed case.

If it was well made, thought out design, and had a good secondary coating, maybe $40

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I wouldn’t bother because there is already such a variety of cases, some made by companies who really know what they’re doing.

And, eventually they’ll all be on sale for between $1–5. I have several “deals” apps and have found some great bargains so no need to pay an exhorbitant price for something custom made.

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