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What is the easiest way to create a website?

Asked by carla6411 (15points) July 16th, 2008

I have looked for we web designers to complete my website but either they do not work with what I ask for or are unreliable. I now have to work with to create the simple site I want. It is a information location only nothing fancy. All suggestions are appreciated

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Can you tell us more about your website? My recommendation would be to find reliable designers through a more reliable network.

There’s alot of really terrible “designers” on Craigslist, which give a terrible impression of the field to most laymen users seeking design work, in addition to setting unrealistic prices.

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It is for a consulting firm so it is just information about the firm, clients, tips, how to contact them, and people they use for different services. Kinda basic

I used a guy from craigslist and he did a good job at first but then was too busy to update the site and keep it going. I had to remove myself from that situation and with that the website was lost.

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The web site shouldn’t be lost, it’s your property. If the designer registered the domain in his own name, that’s pretty shady.

You could contact your local chapter of the AIGA or if you’re on LinkedIn, get a referral there.

Or see me at (shameless plug).

mirza's avatar – more easier to use, completely free.

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create one in iWeb and export it; and upload.

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Yahoo Geocities has a great web app used to create websites. You can register for a and then get a free .tk domain and link it to there.

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You can do a lot more than just a blog with WordPress.

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