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First person shooter fans: what do you think of this fan trailer I made?

Asked by gorillapaws (25702points) April 29th, 2015

WARNING: both videos contain adult language. I put together a fan trailer based on the famous This Is EVE trailer that CCP made. Mine is for CCP’s FPS game DUST 514. Here’s the link to my version: This Is DUST 514.

It’s my first fan trailer. Any thoughts? constructive criticism? Does it make you want to try the game?

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I think that is did a good job of showing the diverse elements of the game while still showing more real play than “staged showroom demo” that you would get from most promo pieces.

Personally, I’m not into “twitch” games, preferring something slower paced like Deus Ex, but I can see this trailer drawing those who are into twitch-gaming in.

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