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What are your most recent First World Problems?

Asked by jca (36043points) April 30th, 2015

One of my relatives was writing on Facebook that she was doing some gardening and listening to a great audiobook. When it got to a suspenseful part near the end, she paused it and when she returned to it, the audiobook had expired (I think it was from the library). She went through some time consuming effort to try to locate it again, which really affected her day’s productivity.

First World Problems! What are yours?

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Today’s is that the bank I use recently was bought out by another. Now I need to change the routing number with all of the bills that are paid electronically. Life is rough.~

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I can’t access my homeworking PC due to a password issue so I get paid for sitting in the sunshine.

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I deleted some game apps in order to be more productive, but instead I find that I’m just spending more time on fluther.

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Our butler was late for his shift this morning, docked his pay #hitemwhereithurts

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My FaceTime connection was rubbish!

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My connection was cut off by ISIS!

*International Smartphone Internet Surfers

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My fluther question got lost.

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I Paid $181 for 6GB of youtube watching for last month.

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My 90 gallon fish tank isn’t a 1000 gallon pond… =[

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I went to the Dr. today because this is the last day we have insurance (Rick’s looking for a new job.) They said I HAVE to follow up next week, and we’ll have to pay for it ourselves.

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My truck inspection sticker is overdue.

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McDonald’s took FORever this morning. Computer problems.

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Chapstick’s empty, lips are chapped.

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Here is one from a FB friend:

Ran up to Walgreens to get body wash and it’s all locked behind glass?! No one around to unlock, really? Asked woman behind counter and she said it was because it gets stolen…so they lock it up. If they had someone working in the area it wouldn’t get stolen!! So now it’s locked up and I can’t buy it because no one to help me.. But hey, it won’t get stolen either. Frustrating!

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@Pied_Pfeffer Man, I’m missing out on some great stuff not being in Facebook.~

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@fluthernutter LOL, no, you are not! The poster’s heart is in the right place though. If she were ever exposed to more 3rd World problems, my guess is that it would never have been said, much less thought.

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I can’t spell poingnet.

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The juice box straw is defective. Or naturally bad. Not opening properly.

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My air condoning is so loud , in a heat wave (35 Celsius) , that I am having to turn my tv volume to max.

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When I was a teenager I saw a commercial for Total cereal where it said that you need to eat 16 bowls of raisin bran to equal one bowl of Total. So I did. I was in the hospital for a week for constipation.

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When I was under 12 I got chaffed thumbs from playing too much Nintendo.

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The carpet in the filth wheel is U G L Y.

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