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How do I pronounce this Hebrew phrase correctly?

Asked by majorrich (14706points) April 30th, 2015

I am being asked to repeat this Hebrew line in a play. yehi ratzon shetishre shechinah bma asei yedaichem.(I hope I caught the spelling pretty close) And I am having real problems with figuring out how to properly pronounce it. I don’t wish to offend any of the Jewish guests that may come to see the play. Are there any of my friends out there that might be able to record and send me a file? it would mean a lot to me.

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Sent to @gailcalled

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This will be impossible without looking at the line in the Hebrew itself. I can pick out a few words and letters from your transliteration, but not enough. What is the name of the play? Can you link to an online copy? Or scan the page, upload it to imgur or something and link us to it?

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I can do it but Zen would probably be the best and I’m not great at spelling phonetically. (Gail doesn’t really know Hebrew much.)

Here’s my best attempt:

yeHEE raTSOWN sheTEESHrei shekheenah bimah ahSAY yehdaikhem. “CH” together is hard – kind of like clearing your throat; kind of like an aspirated H.

Your best bet would be to see if there is a rabbi in your town that you can ask or send it to Zen.

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this is where it came from I think

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Ok, so we’re talking about this bit here:

יהי רצון שתשרה שכינה במעשה ידיכם

Too bad this text doesn’t have vowels; then this would be easy (for someone with lapsed beginner-level Hebrew skills like myself). But lacking those, I concur with @janbb on the pronunciation. And on hoping zen checks in to confirm.

One thing: “bimah’asey” is all one word. Also, you have no hard “ch” back-of-the-throat sound in this sentence to worry about, so you can relax where that’s concerned.

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@wildpotato Agree except that shechinah and yedaichem have the hard “ch” sound.

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@janbb Ah, good call. I had forgotten that כ can have the hard “ch” sound as well as ח. Oy!

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Here’s a helpful site. I pulled up the first word for you; hit the play button for pronunciation. You can copy-paste each of the words in the phrase into their search one by one. Remember that Hebrew goes right to left.

ETA: I just tried all of the words, and that site only has the first two and the fourth. Oh well, at least it’ll help a bit, eh?

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What we need on this site is a Flutherin’ Rabbi.

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I’m no help here.

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Osoraro might know. I seem to remember his Hebrew knowledge is pretty good.

I agree zen is the best bet.

Did you try to find it on youtube or some other video?

Any synagogue or JCC could probably help you. It would be easier for you if you actually heard it said I think.

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