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What's your opinion about Bernie Sanders running for President?

Asked by Brian1946 (32384points) April 30th, 2015

Here’s one story about his announcement.

Who do you think his VP will be?

Who would you like to see be his running mate?

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Even though I think Clinton might have a better chance in the general election, I’m still voting for Boinie in the primary.

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Mixed feelings. Part of me wants to get excited about this and have him convince Elizabeth Warren to run with him. On the other hand, there’s no way the country would elect him, so what exactly would I like about this? Will this hurt Clinton’s chance of winning the general election? That would not be good.

I’m not a Democrat and don’t vote in the primaries.

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I am happy he is running. Although I was a Ron Paul supporter, and on paper they are polar opposites, they still touch on many of the same issues that I deem to be important.
I have nothing but respect for Bernie Sanders. He has been doing “Brunch with Bernie” on the Thom Hartmann show for at least ten years now. Every Friday, he takes calls live, on the air in an almost completely uncensored, unscripted atmosphere, which I see no other major candidate doing.
I actually spoke on the Thom Hartmann show today regarding the treatment Bernie Sanders will get by the media and the many parallels between Bernie Sanders and Ron Paul, as far as how they are treated by the establishment.
He will need to get through the primaries before a VP will be named, which I do not see happening due to the power of the media to influence public opinion and only allow a status quo politician in. Yes, that includes Obama.

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I am very happy. If nothing else, it will force Clinton to pay attention to more populist interests. He or Elizabeth Warren are probably the only two candidates I would give money to this election cycle.

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I like him. I’ll vote for him in the primaries and if he’s still running in the general I’ll vote for him then.

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I much prefer Warren, but Bernie’s a good sidekick.

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The following part of this article agrees with you:

“Someone is challenging Hilary Clinton for the Democratic nomination. And that someone is Bernie Sanders, the Senator from Vermont.

Or is he? There is talk all over that, even though he has thrown his hat into the ring, Bernie is not focused so much on winning as on dragging Hilary (or whoever is nominated) to the the progressive left. In other words, he is in the race to do what Elizabeth Warren says she is trying to do outside the race: force the Democrats towards a progressive position on many topics.”

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@Brian1946 Cool, that was my assumption. I’m sure he knows he won’t get the nomination but someone has to put some progressive pressure on Clinton.

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I think Obama has proven that talk is pretty cheap. So she might talk more like a progressive her governance probably won’t match the rhetoric.

He has no chance so I see it as making her waste money.

And I really do love Bernie Sanders but a openly gay socialist has zero chance of winning. If he just wanted a platform he should have ran as the Socialist candidate.

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It doesn’t matter, we’re all screwed. No one will vote for him. The cycle of war and poverty will continue lol.

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@johnpowell I’ve actually read that having a primary challenger helps a candidate hone her skills so I think this is good for that reason too.

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I am thrilled!

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@janbb :: I would argue that her skill are already honed. But I do see the reasoning. I just worry that it might not be worth the cost. The comforting thing is Bernie Sanders will have about as much money as I spent on beer in the last decade to spend on ads.

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Bernie is THE person we next need in the White House. He’s better then Clinton and way better than any of the Repuglicans running.

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Openly gay? Bernie Sanders is married and has 4 children. Are you confusing him with Barney Frank?

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I think he would make an oustanding prez. I also think he does not stand a chance. Will it stop me from voting for him. Probably not, unless I feel that doing so would help Cruz/Perry/Rubio/Bush/Walker/Huckabee get elected, then I would vote for whatever Dem was put out there.

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I think his goal isn’t becoming President, but about changing the narrative. Normally I’d worry about Bernie splitting the Liberal vote, but with the Conservative vote split between moderates and batshit fucking nuts, that won’t be as big an issue.

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@Darth_Algar :: Good catch, I was.

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One of the 3 people I can think of to whom I would donate money.

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@stanleybmanly Who are the other two? I assume Warren and…?

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You’re right about Warren. I’d back you as well, if you decided to run

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But yeah, I agree. I don’t think he really has much of a chance to actually win the nomination. But, like others, I don’t believe that’s really his aim in doing this anyway.

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@stanleybmanly Want to be my running mate?

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Sadly, we would be vulnerable to lurid accusations about interspecies miscegenation. Then there are the scandalous indiscretions defining my youth. No no. Better I remain behind the scenes doing the required “dirty work” slandering the opposition, and touting your many virtues.
The slogans just leap to mind. “The penguin party—- absolutely free of tropical corruptions”.

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@stanleybmanly How’s this one? “Jump on my iceberg – while there are still any left.”

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YES. Contrast the pristine purity of your background with the filth and squalor of mucky “swampland” competition.

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Maybe I could be Bernie Sanders’ running mate?

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