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Do you believe nature doesn't make mistakes?

Asked by JLeslie (59782points) April 30th, 2015

That disease is a good thing with some sort of positive end goal? That oily skin is natural and no need to correct it? That allergies are just part of nature and not a bad thing, not even if the allergy kills a person? That genetic mishaps like Downs Syndrome are natural and not abnormal? That cancer is just part of nature and not something to try and cure or eradicate? Is natural always ok? Nature never makes mistakes?

Feel free to give examples of where you think nature has screwed up. Or, if you think nature is always right, let us know that too.

Lastly, is nature synonomous with God for you? My Q is specifically about nature not God, but I am curious if you see them one and the same.

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Shuck some fresh peas. You will usually find one wizened pea inside a pea pod before you finish the job.

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This question is fallacious. Making the assumption that humans can lay blame on nature and make nature responsible for our imposed judgement of what is right and wrong is completely false. Nature is neither ‘good’ nor ‘bad’. It is like when we anthropomorphise animals.

Nature doesn’t make mistakes and nor is it brave or heroic. Nature is a complex system of biology, chemistry and physics. It happens. There are no morals about it. Nature doesn’t philosophize. For humans to project their morals upon it, seems to me, very unlightened to be polite and to be rude about it, it is just ignorant.

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Countless cruel errors.

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Absolutely not. Nature makes millions of mistakes. Evolution (and the evolutionary process) is created by nature making mistakes in order to find the one way to survive and thrive.

In the long term, nature is right, in that we continue to exist. But in the short term, nature is trial and error and survival of the fittest.

Nature is not god, at least for me. Nature is science and provable. God is faith not backed by rational or provable facts.

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Nature never makes mistakes, and nature never does anything right. It just is what it is.
When a rock falls and crushes your bones, did the rock make a mistake?
Labeling something a mistake requires intent.
Nature has no intent.

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There is no wrong or right here. If nature harms us we just were in the way and the mistake is ours.

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LOL no.

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I like @ragingloli take, I agree with that.

Nature is synonymous with the interconnectedness of all life but I wouldn’t use the term “God.”
Yes, in many ways I do believe that things such as disease and cancer are just part of the 50,000 ways nature keeps her various populations in check.
People have more allergies today because they move around more and I am one that loathes my allergies but, it is what it is.
I also think that this push to live to be 100+ and remain in perfect health is ridiculous.

We do not need more people living longer, the balance is already way off in terms of the massive amount of humanity we are coping with now.
This ego driven desire to be damn near immortal is out of control.
I think everyone should die at a reasonable age and make space for for the younger ones, as nature intended.

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Nature does not know the word mistake.
It is a mistake to give human characteristics to Nature.
Mistake is a human concept.
Nature is what is. Nothing more nothing less.
Mistakes are what happen when human beings do not learn the facts of Nature.

If you equate Nature with God, you would be what they used to call a Pagan. Which may not be a bad thing at all.

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No such thing as a “mistake” in nature.

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If everything were perfect we would all be without blemish, we would all live forever and it would be hell. The Chinese have a phrase for it, ‘true perfection appears flawed’.

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I should elaborate, I feel bad about my flippant answer, lol.

Of course disease is “natural” but natural != good, although bad != mistake.

I most definitely disagree with the sentences in the details, “That disease is a good thing with some sort of positive end goal?” (and those that follow). Like…..go ahead and tell me I’m beautiful and perfect in my own way while I’m having six liquid shits a day but it’s not true. I’m not perfect, not even in some special definition of the word. I’m severely flawed. Nature done goofed.

That said I agree with people who are saying that it’s too much personification to say that nature made a mistake. Nature is not “trying” to make perfect humans so when it fails it’s not a “mistake” so to speak. But that’s just semantics.

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Thanks for all the thoughtful answers. GA’s for everyone.

I agree nature has no intent.

@cazzie I never even considered laying blame on nature. That was an interesting take.

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