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Could I be pregnant?

Asked by Krazy (60points) May 1st, 2015

Lately I have been having unprotected sex (not a smart move I know). For the first time I have gotten some pink discharge it stopped the next day then continued lighter then turned red and was white the next day.

That started on the 9th of april. I’ve been bloated all month and my stomach has been having some mild cramping and discomfort. I have missed my period took two test and they came up negative twice.

Today my breast are swollen they do not hurt just a little when I touch them and I still have a bloated stomach.

I am also a diabetic, I know because of my medicine I can have irregular menstruation cycles but this never happed before.

Thank you in advance.

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It’s certainly possible but no way for us to know. See a doctor.

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If you have been having unprotected sex, it sure is a strong possibility. I would wait another week, retest and if it still comes out negative I wouldn’t worry. Modern OTC pregnancy tests are usually very accurate
Or…as @janbb mentioned, see your doctor or go to a planned parenthood clinic now.

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The beginning of the end. It was this sort of question that sank Askville.

Kid, start buying baby clothes.

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Nausea? Sensitive to smells, a tiny bit dizzy?

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@ZEPHYRA I was sitting down I got a bit dizzy but it only happend once not senstive to smells and I have felt the urge to vomit but I never did. Been having a lot of headaches lately.

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Sweetie sounds like it. Give it another 5 or so days and retest. It could just be hormonal fluctuations. Don’t wait more than a full week. Keep a cool head.

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Might be time to start voting for Democrats.

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Go to a doctor and get a blood test. That will tell you for sure. Stop having unprotected sex unless you want to get pregnant.

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Keep us posted. Hope things turn out as you wish.

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It could also be a veneral disease.

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No use worrying about it until you go to the doctor.

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I’m thinking you could have a sexually transmitted disease. Is you pain towards the sides? Near your ovaries? Could be pregnancy too, although those tests are pretty accurate.

You’re going to have to go to the doctor. Especially if you are not pregnant you need to be examined ASAP.

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Quite possibly. Perhaps a test from the chemist’s* is in order?
Whatever happens, stay calm and keep us posted.


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