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This is the most important question ever asked in the history of humanity. Could Son Goku lift up Thor's hammer?

Asked by ragingloli (48549points) May 1st, 2015

I think he could, because he could ride on Kinto’un.

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I despair for humanity if this is the most important question confronting it. All is lost!

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Try it and tell us how it went?

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Which form of Son Goku?

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It’s an enchanted hammer that can only be used by people who seem worthy but there have been some characters in the past have either lifted or been able to move it and were not suppose to be worthy. Thor’s hammer So he may be able to. It would really depend on the loophole the writers give him.

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Maybe as a super saiyan.

Krillan on the other hand, had a penis that could satisfy an android. That’s the real Mjölnir.

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I’d say yeah. Not all forms though, I’d say starting from Super Saiyan 1 and on he probably could. Might struggle at first, but eventually he’d do it without batting an eye. But Kakarot wouldn’t do that, he’s a nice guy.
Vegita would probably do it just to piss off Thor though.

I mean I like Vikings and everything, but the DBZ gang pretty much are gods. (and they kill godlike creatures, too, no hammer needed) And come on, if that green bastard from Marvel can steal Mjölnir, so can fuckin Kakarot. As for the hammer not being able to be lifted by unworthy dudes, well I denno, pretty sure Wotan didn’t plan on getting munched by a wolf. Faulty haha. And anyways, Kakarot probably would be worthy.

And yes, this is probably one of the most important things we should all be discussing.

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Chi chi could lift it.

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If the comic book writers want him to, he could.

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In the animation the Grey Hulk could lift it.

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It really isn’t.

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These genre universes would never cross…


As a professional geek, I will speculate that Goku could not lift Thor’s hammer in Thor’s universe but he could in his own.

Thusly, keeping all story lines intact.

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He’ll pull a Hulk and not lift the hammer but rather push the earth away from the Hammer.

Stupid Marvel retconn…

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