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In Terminator 2, how does the T-1000 "see"?

Asked by Berserker (33543points) May 2nd, 2015

In the movie they show you how the T-800 (the one Arnold plays) sees a few times. Bunch of analysis screens with constant information which the machine processes, and then apparently acts upon its best judgement going from the info it has.

But they never show you how the T-1000 (the liquid metal antagonist) sees, if it sees at all. I thought it would have been interesting to see how it handles things. It’s superior to the T-800, so how do you imagine it sees stuff? For some reason I imagine that it doesn’t see at all like the T-800, but rather it sees, or “feels” temperatures from things. Body heat from people, other machines, vehicles and so forth. So if you saw through its eyes, everything would just be colored blurbs and blobs and stuff. Kind of like a predator I guess.
But I’m just completely guessing here.

Was it ever explained somewhere how the T-1000 sees? If so, how? If not, how do you imagine it to be?

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He definitely appears to focus & stare at objects, at least he gives that impression with his fake “human” eyes. I reckon it’s more to do with temperature & light sources though.
Like you say, a bit of Predator with a hint of Robocop thrown in.

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Yeah, light sources, that too.
And hey yeah, he does intensely stare at shit all the time, never quite noticed until you mentioned it. That could be seen as him processing information like the T-800 does. Although maybe it’s just because he’s an asshole, homing in his victims going, you’re MINE, fucknuts.

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Like when he stabs John’s foster mum with his protruding stabby things, he goes all Michael Myers tilting his head as he stares at her freshly twitching corpse, as if aroused :D

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Sorry, schoolboy error, I meant his foster dad in this scene…

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Haha yeah, I figured that’s what you meant. And lol, not related, but when the dad screams at the dog. Shut the hell up you piece of shit lmao.

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Haha, no wonder John fucking hates him.

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Yeah, I mean did he really have to kill the dog? You see him do it in the uncut version.
The T-1000 does seem to demonstrate more free will by doing unnecessary things. Dog killing, people shoving, and as you point out, he has a big range of facial expressions, as if he had emotions. Like at the end when Arnie kills him with that grenade launcher thing, you see his mouth in a big O like he’s all surprised.

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The only way the T-1000 could function is if it was composed of microscopic nano-bots which could connect and disconnect from each other freely. It would probably be a single, vast neural net with every nano-bot acting like a neuron in the network. Given that it doesn’t seem to need to form sensory organs in order to function, each of the nano-bots must have its own capacity for sensing. I’m thinking something like passive sonar (the equivalent of hearing) and passive radiation detection (the equivalent of seeing) would be most likely, with perhaps crude chromatographic analysis for smell and taste. But it would be body-wide, meaning the entire surface of its body would be equally capable of every sense. It could “taste” through the bottom of its feet and “see” through the back of its head.

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Makes a lot of sense. The original form of the that thing, if I understand properly, is pretty much shapeless liquid metal. There isn’t a “motor” or core of any kind in it like the T-800 has, so nano bots seems legit.
The only thing that goes against that explanation is what @ucme and I talked about; he seems to use his head quite a lot for “sensing” stuff, as if he needs the eyes and ears. Then again, there is no moment ever in the movie where he’s being snuck upon…(except at the end) as he does all the sneaking and slasher movie killer stuff, so we can’t know if he can actually see or sense from behind his head.
Nerd stuff aside, I do realize it is a human actor playing a role lol, so there will be human intervention messing up what the T-1000 is. But yeah, I like that explanation anyways.

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This is all very well, but what if we changed this question ever so slightly.
In Terminator 2, how does the T-1000 “pee”? :D

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Maybe through a blade shaped shlong. XD

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Haha, be like Tom Hanks in The Green Mile pissing razor blades with his urine infection.

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