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For those of you who have been on an airplane when oxygen masks dropped down, what were the circumstances?

Asked by Pied_Pfeffer (26667points) May 3rd, 2015

What caused it to happen? In the aftermath, was it necessary, meaning was it life-saving or did it create more panic?

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It was very very windy and we hit the tarmac so hard upon landing that the masks fell down. I can’t remember what type of plane it was. I think it was a Wellington to Palmerston North flight, so something small-ish.

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@SQUEEKY2 It can be commercial or non-commercial. Maybe there is a better descriptive? Aerodevice, such as an airplane, helicopter, space shuttle, etc? Anything up in the air where an oxygen mask is scheduled to drop automatically upon an electronically generated warning.

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I’ve been on a plane three times, and nothing like that has happened. One of the flight involved bad weather though. We were flying at midnight. Suddenly there was a voice announcing that we were in a bad weather area and everyone had to stay calm. Things got better afterward, though it did give me a chill down my spine…

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A girlfriend of mine was a Pan Am flight attendant back in the day. I’m going to ask her for a story or two. She has a lot of stories. Her best advice is stayed buckled while seated, and I do after hearing some stories. I fly about 3–6 round trips a year for 30 years now, and the oxygen masks coming down has never happened to me.

@Mimishu1995 That isn’t uncommon. Most flights are non-events, but flying through bad weather happens enough that it isn’t unusual.

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