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May the little princess be healthy and happy and all the best to them all, but is this royal baby hysteria in Britain not just too much?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) May 3rd, 2015

The simple man in the street will continue to struggle, pay through his nose and fight to make ends meet. Should mere mortals, simple people really be making such a fuss over the birth of the lil princess.

I realize royalty is tradition to the British, but please, they have no need for our worship, we the simple people will always be down looking up at them. Agree?

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Must be boring in England.

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To the Brits it’s a big deal, and good for them BUT I to wonder why they think the rest of the world should care as much as they do?

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Both of you are making a classic “schoolboy error”, only posh twats give a flying fuck about the royal sprog, dedicated royal watches who should be shunned socially.
Far from boring, the real Britain/England thrives on way more exciting stuff, like sex & sweeties :D

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*All three

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Almost no one is making a fuss. Don’t mistake media hype for actual public interest.

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It is way too much. In this country we are not considered citizens but are subjects of the queen. Admiring them from a safe distance makes more sense.

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My daughter lives in England. We asked her last week whether there was much buzz about the baby. “What? No! Nobody cares.”

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I think this question, along with a few of the responses, proves that some folks here make shit up based on generalisations & ignorance.

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@ucme BUT aint that the good ole North American way??

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@SQUEEKY2 Certainly with those who have more skin diseases than teeth.

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Not living in a monarchy like England, we Americans are unable to understand the devotion and honor that people who do live in monarchies have for the royal family.

I saw this same thing in Denmark and in Norway. They may laugh at the royal family sometimes, but it is part of the national identity and psyche – it is what makes their country their country. They couldn’t understand how in the US we had politicians (as do they) but no national symbol like the queen or king.

We in the US will never know that feeling, because it is inculcated from birth as national identity. What do we have here? Ronald McDonald.

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I suspect that there is a grain of truth in what @elbanditoroso said.

I’ve spent several months in England over the past several years. Bring up the subject of The Royal Family and it nets eye-rolling and groans. Yet if asked why the tradition isn’t just retired, and out comes a parade of reasons why it shouldn’t be.

The media is a double-edged sword. They are the ones who are making the reports on the royal family front-page news, much to the chagrin of much of the general public. Yet they are also the ones (well, and Disney) for keeping royalty a cultural icon. Their efforts generate a boatload of money each year for England through tourism.

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The British royal family: hundreds of years of generational welfare. :P

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@ucme That remark isn’t showing generalizing or ignorance is it??

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Haha, at least that one is accurate.

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Never been to England besides one full forty minutes as a kid, but I’m guessing most peeps there prolly don’t give a fuck lol.

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No more hysterical than the fuss the Media makes over the silly Kardasian family in the States.

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This question & the responses backing its intent should go down in the Fluther Hall of Shame.
The wild & ignorant statements are as outstanding as they are hilarious, entertaining though :D

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I’m going to go against the grain here and confess to actually quite liking the royal family! I’m not obsessed like the minority that have camped outside the hospital for the past week or so waiting for the first glimpse of the new baby but I like to hear some pleasant news in the media for a change.

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Did you know there is a national public election this coming week in England?.............................. Exactly.

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So here is the response from one of my female friends in England:

In my group of friends no not elated but no one wishes them any harm and have made comments like ’ I wonder if they will bring Dianna into her name ?? !! I in particular had forgotten she was pregnant. Lesley is quite excited but isn’t one of the people whom are sat glued to the tv awaiting news.

The general consensus around my group of friends and associates is that the royal family do bring tourists into the country therefore money in ( for a change not out). No one wishes them any harm but in general MUCH A TODO ABOUT NOTHING. Haha !!! The bookies in the betting shops love them !!

I think this is general across the country but some groups hate them and others are fanatics. It would probably still be the main topic if the general elections were not imminent on Thursday.

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