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Do you let your children run around the store unsupervised while you are shopping?

Asked by cheebdragon (18931points) May 3rd, 2015 from iPhone

Tonight at the craft store there were at least 10–15 kids running around, making a mess, nearly tripping people, and screaming bloody murder for no apparent reason at all. They weren’t all playing together and seemed to belong to several different parents shopping in various sections of the store.
I’ve noticed this happening almost everywhere I go, When did people stop teaching their children how to behave in public?

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This happened When CPS says you can’t spank your kid.
And When Bibles were removed out of the classrooms and out from peoples lives.

Spare the Rod, Spoil the child.

Spoil that child, you send them to Hell.

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LOL! @Jewel10 Yeah, that’s why… Hahaha!

To answer the actual questions, however, no, I’d never allow it and none of the parents I know would allow it, either. Although I do see stuff like you describe pretty frequently, I think I see just as many parents clamp down on their kids when they’re being disrespectful to others in public.

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Obviously, that would depend on said kids’ ages. Regardless of age, I would stop my children from tripping fellow humans and destroying others’ property. I have not noticed a large number of children behaving inappropriately in public. That, though, may be due to the fact that active children who are obviously having fun often bring a smile to my face.

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No, never.

I have a hard time not saying something to kids that I see acting like brats in stores. If I saw kids tearing store shelves apart, I would probably say something to the parent.

@Jewel10: As a former CPS worker, I can assure you that you can spank your kids. What you cannot do (which is not unreasonable), unless you’re looking for charges or removal, is hit them until they bruise, or hit them with objects other than an open hand, such as electrical cords, spoons, belts, rods, etc.

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If it was at Hobby Lobby, I wouldn’t care.

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NO! but then again I chose not to have the little darlings, and another example as to why.

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@cazzie Why would it be different at Hobby Lobby? They could destroy items there as well. And annoy other customers.

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They should be more tolerant of unwanted and uncared for children at Hobby Lobby. They don’t support birth control.

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When did people stop teaching their children how to behave in public?
Because they started teaching them time outs are easy to sit through, so go ahead and act a fool, it will only cost you 6–10 minutes in the corner texting on your iPhone you sneaked into the corner.

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