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Will Second LIfe automatically bill me for another year's membership?

Asked by osakarob (1304points) July 16th, 2008

I joined second life, the online virtual world, last year and paid for a membership. I have lost interest and do not wish to renew. I can’t find anywhere on the site to explain whether they will send me a renewal request or whether it is automatic. Anyone know?

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did you agree to save your credit card # when you paid the first time? if not, they can’t bill you. even if they do end up billing you, you can always call your card company and have it cancelled.

normally sites don’t automatically renew your membership. or they give you a warning a week before they renew it for you.

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Thanks pnt. I just looked at the site more carefully. I realize that I can, in fact, downgrade the membership from a paid one to the free one. I just completed that step. I hope.

Second Life looked like it had so much promise when I joined it, but it just became well….
kinda boring and pointless. It seemed like I was always just flying around and never made and good friends. It was always so EMPTY. Kinda like wandering around a ghost town.

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