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How does a cop, with I assume a Glock or similar weapon take on two gunmen with assualt rifles and prevail?

Asked by Adirondackwannabe (36625points) May 4th, 2015

I’m just wondering how a person finds the courage to stand up to two guys when outgunned so badly. That’s going above the call of duty I think.

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Anger at the gunman. He had to be thinking “fuck these guys, they are not getting away with this.”

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My father, who was quite knowledgeable about the Old West and gunfights, said, “When an armed man walked into a shootout with another armed man, the one who was most deliberate usually won.” The cop won because he knew what was going on, what was at stake, and he knew how to use his weapon. But more than anything else, he was deliberate. The two riflemen were not.

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A little training works wonders for the nerves when in a situation like that.

And he had guts.

The other guys were just pulling triggers. He was aiming and putting his bullets where they count; a thorough professional.

I recall from years ago there was a bank robbery with the robbers dressed to the nines with Kevlar protective gear (even a neck piece) and weilding assault rifles.

They did a TV re-enactment of the whole ordeal about a year later. In addition to going to a local gun store to beef up their supplies, the cops wisely hit the ground and took aim at the knees. They wisely used their brains and their training.

That’s not to say that it wasn’t a harrowing experience, but the cops prevailed even tho outgunned.

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Is this some circle-jerk to excuse the crazy racist cops that shoot black people that flee from those racist cops that love the bullets more than words.?

For your one brave cop I can give you ten cowards.

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@johnpowell You can’t lump them all in one pile because of the actions of a few. I’ve been down that road.

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Actually, you can when they watch a fellow cop plant evidence and say nothing. It is that or 9/11 was a bunch of bad Muslims and in no way is a reflection on Islam.

Your pick.

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@johnpowell Oh, I get it. You’re saying there are people who do that but that you yourself do not.

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The two men were reckless.
The cop’s training was his advantage.

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It’s his job, what he signed up for.

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He says “Don’t move.” They move a muscle, “pow pow.”

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Handguns are much more effective at close range, luck, better nerves, had a slight drop on them..etc.

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It’s his duty, and relies on back up, plus his training, plus the police don’t always come out on top, 10 or so years ago a gun man in Alberta killed 4 RCMP, and most recently an other idiot took out a few cops in Nova Scotia

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Good marksmanship training, and constitutional resolve. I have experience shooting and being shot at, and I could not guarantee hitting a human being with my M9 much beyond 25 yds if I my heart and respiration rate were way up.
How far away were they?

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I can’t tell from the coverage, but I’d guess it started at about 60 to 65 meters.

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