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Are there any ”Fluther Club” you have yet to become a member of details inside?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26821points) May 5th, 2015

When it comes to Fluther are there any ”clubs” as in the ”Perfecto-fish”, ”Sea-Cheetah”, or the ”Skin Diver” club, as in you have obtained that award? I know there are some which have not worked in forever like the ”Circumnavigator”. I am not sure if the “Plank Walker” or ”Eeee eeee eeeee” still work. There are some ”clubs” I never expect to obtain here at this place, because it takes people to help ushering you in, such as ”The Jules Verne” and ”Sea-Cheetah Club”. What award have you not gained yet as to be able to enter that ”club”, providing it is not deactivated or on the fritz?

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Too many to list. I’m the most curious of the Pilgrim as I saw a spammer obtain it and I couldn’t figure out how.

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Oh so now spammers are getting awards but we’re not? Pfft, lame.

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I don’t have:

Blackbeard, Titan, Poseidon, Circumnavigator, Old-timer (was never able to figure that one out and I never asked for clues), and Guacamole.

You may have just received Jules Verne, by the way…

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I heard a new award is to be introduced, Gossiping Gimboid
For the Fluther FB mafia XD

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I have no idea what awards I have. I’ve looked at that list maybe 10 times in 5 years.

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I think many are broken, lurve also seems to have stopped climbing even though ga’s continue.

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Well, I have the Frizzer award. I’m tickled about that. Have no idea how I got it, though.

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I have not been invited to the swinger club yet.

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@DrasticDreamer You may have just received Jules Verne, by the way…
In this place, surely you jest? I could have the most profound question of a millennia here and not even get close to a ”Sunken Treasure”, too many enemies ”frenimies”. ~~~

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Sorry, the first rule of fluther club is you don’t talk about fluther club.

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update OK, OK, Fluther has made me to be a liar. I am now in the “Jules Verne” club, got there off an answer from 2011! Just when I thought I was right, Fluther wrongs me like a jackass.

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Wow, there is so much more to this site than I knew existed.

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I have no idea which clubs I belong to. I’ve never looked. Wouldn’t really know where to look either for that matter, but I don’t care.

I do know the secret handshake though

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^ The handshake is in the frizzer

To find the awards you don’t care about, you would go to your profile page and click the tab that says “awards”, it usually has a number of how many you have. When that page opens up, it will list all of your awards, and when you mouseover them, it will show how many times you received each one. Just in case you ever wanted to look, if you do not, these instructions will self-destruct in 10 minutes.

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@Hypocrisy_Central Thanks, maybe I’ll peruse it.

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If quizzed I couldn’t remember a single award in my bag nor tell anyone interested which award meant what. There are aspects to fluther that set me to wondering about the mindset involved with the creation of this place. It is as though no effort was spared in the construction of as bland and substance free imagery as can be devised. I mean who do you know that cultivates a self image as a jellyfish? I suppose there are commendable reasons for distancing fluther (an out and out acronym for lack of substance) as far as possible from any hint of belligerence, but reality isn’t always about fluffy clouds, cream puffs and kittens.

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