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Is anybody here a member of BookCrossing?

Asked by jlm11f (12413points) July 16th, 2008

Have you actually done one of those book hunts or hid a book somewhere for people to find? I was curious because I am a member of that site, but haven’t really participated in any hunts yet. What was your experience if you did try it?

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PnL, I love the idea, but I would live in mortal fear of my precious book getting casually tossed in a dumpster. Not to rain on the parade, much. Maybe I’m missing the point of the exercise.

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How’d it work out, Alena?

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Pretty well, so far. I was able to trade a book I wanted to pass on for another one I enjoyed reading. I also like the idea of putting a tracking number on a book, because I find it fun to see where the book’s been since I had it.

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I never knew a thing existed like this BookCrossing. One of the reasons I like Fluthering, I learn new, fun things. Interestingly, while not knowing of bookcrossing, I have participated in this without registering the book. I will often finish a book on an airplane and leave it in the pocket. I have taken cruises and left a book in the cabin in the dresser. I have left books in dressing rooms and doctor’s offices. I don’t have an attachment to books. I love to read them but honestly have no use for them when I’m done. Not to say I don’t have special books, but the majority are expendable. Great question!

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I just joined it after discussing it here. I haven’t released anything yet because all of my books are in boxes right now (moving in two weeks). But it looks like a few books have been released at my doctor’s office, so I’m going to check it out during my appointment this afternoon and see if they’re still there.

I’m really excited about the website.

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I am :) but no book hunts yet

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Thanks for posting this. It looks like a geat idea!

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I thought I had hit the jack pot in the women’s room at the doctor’s office yesterday when I saw a book on the counter but then the door opened and a woman came in asking if she had left a book. Oh well. I’ll keep an eye out!

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Thanks to everyone for answering ! I am glad I got at least someone new to join :). I love the idea, and @ KMD, I am pretty sure books don’t get wasted since they are tracked online like Alena mentioned. I think the site is a great idea, and in the past month, there have been some great book drops in my city. I still haven’t engaged in a hunt yet (forget…or get lazy) but I think I might be leaving some books around the city soon :D

If anyone else does become an active member of the site, please do come back and share your experiences here!

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I am, but I haven’t been on that site since I joined. I love the idea of it, but I couldn’t handle giving away any of my books – lol.

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I love bookcrossing. I have ‘released’ a bunch of books into the wild. I haven’t tried to find one, but I always give a very detailed account of where I’ve left a book after I have ‘released’ it so that others can ‘hunt’ for it. I even set up a separate account for my son as part of a geography project. We registered a bunch of childrens books that he had duplicates of and then when we went on vacation, we left them along the way. Now he loves ‘releasing’ books for others to find.

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Awesome marissa! Thanks for answering. Do you ever get messages from people who have hunted and found the books you release?

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We have received a few, but I think that bookcrossing isn’t known well enough and people are suspicious to log on.

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I love! I must say that I have never found a BC book and that no one has found any of the ones that I have “released” (or at least no one has logged into the site to say so). Bookcrossing breeds good karma.

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