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Being Jewish herself, how can Pamela Geller justify persecuting Islamists?

Asked by ibstubro (18714points) May 6th, 2015

“Islam is the most antisemitic, genocidal ideology in the world.”
“Muslim terrorists were practicing pure Islam, original Islam.”
“I believe in the idea of a moderate Muslim. I do not believe in the idea of a moderate Islam. ... I think a moderate Muslim is a secular Muslim.”
Notated source.

Muslim: of or relating to the religion, law, or civilization of Islam.
Secular: of or relating to worldly things or to things that are not regarded as religious, spiritual, or sacred; temporal.

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Nice try.
Only institutions of power, for example the modern Political State, or the Catholic Church prior to the reformation, etc. can persecute.
All Pam Geller can do is have an opinion and voice it.
And, like Theo Van Gogh, she may get killed for speaking her mind. What will you say then?

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I agree with @josie. While I may disagree with those quotes, they don’t indicate that she supports persecution of Muslims. If she did, then yes, I would say she is being profoundly hypocritical being of a religion that has been persecuted relentlessly for millennia.

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Nice try, @josie.
Split hairs. Then amend to “advocate the persecution of Islamists.”

If being a Muslim is defined by Islamic, then how can someone say the only good Muslim is one that is secular, or free of things …regarded as religious, spiritual, or sacred @DominicY ?

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Why would being Jewish prevent her from doing anything?

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Some of us Jews are as gifted in doublethink as some members of any – every – other ethnicity or religion. You’re right that being part of a group of people who have such a history of persecution, and who are currently reviled across much of Europe and the Middle East, does seem to give many of us a sensitivity to persecution – but that sensitivity does not always make us compassionate. People who have been badly hurt by another don’t necessarily translate that experience into empathy for others; just as often they become fearful and defensive-aggressive. Eg. Israel as it currently exists.

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@josie _“Being Jewish herself, how can Pamela Geller advocate the persecution of Islamists?”

Where did I try to prevent anyone from doing anything, @jaytkay?

Excellent point, @wildpotato. Thanks.

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And in any event, how is Pam Geller, an outspoken modern Jew to be compared to Islamism, a particularly violent fundementalist movement within Islam, not without parallels to the Nazis

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@josie you consider Pam Geller “an outspoken modern Jew”?

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It’s a fascinating thing to watch as fanatics, Muslims or otherwise drag us toward religious war. Geller has the same basic agenda as the folks she despises. Nothing could please either side more than the thought of a world wide blood bath. The ones throwing bombs do so with the hope that we will persecute those who don’t into choosing stupidly. Those painting all Muslims with the same brush are the bombers’ greatest allies in achieving their goals.

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I don’t share the fascination, @stanleybmanly.

Revulsion, maybe? Disgust?

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Fascination: state of being intensely interested (as by awe or terror)

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She is playing word games by saying that there is no moderate Islam and that the only moderate Muslims are secular Muslims. The same could be said for Judaism. Nobody follows the Old Testament word for word. If they did, Jews would be stoning to death adulterers and those who work on the Sabbath. Religions evolve and as religion heads towards its eventual oblivon, the world’s religions are all becoming more secular.

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Some people use Islam
And Muslim in very different ways and consider them to be very different things. Some people see the two words as synonymous.

As a Jew she probably does have at least some empathy and understanding for minorities (Muslims are not minorities in the world, but they are in America) and a strong desire to protect freedom of religion, but almost every Jewish person I know agrees laws trump religion. Any religious practice that can harm the individual themselves or others or harm society at large will be questions, taken to task, and possibly deemed illegal.

I’m not defending this woman, I know nothing about her, and if she is just anti-Muslim, full of hate speech, militant, insight mischief, mean girl, I don’t like it.

I also don’t like when black people have zero understanding for gay people and actually get pissed off when people call gay rights civil rights like they are the only group ever denied equality (not all black people, I am only talking about the black people who do think this way).

When I joined Fluther there were a lot of discussions about Islam, Muslims, and laws regarding dress codes, freedoms, building the Muslim rec center near ground zero, all sorts of topics. You might search some if you’re interested.

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I wonder what her views on Israel are then. *cazzie stands up with her Double Standards Girl boots on.

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In that woman’s mind she wouldn’t see it as a double standard. People like that are unable to see double standards. She just thinks there is right and wrong, black and white, good and evil. There would be no rationalizing with her I would guess.

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The average Muslim is not going to go into a rage because of the cartoons!! Now there have been plenty of terrible art and comics on Jesus, and you don’t see Christian’s going on a killing rage, you just have some fundamentalist crazies using an excuse, and Pam should have known that these crazies would creep out of their holes and go nuts. Better judgement and being respectful would have been the proper thing, than to attack others faith and belief. What is wrong with people, she is her own crazy as far as I am concerned!!

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I’d bet Christians set fire to the Muslim center being built near me in TN a few years ago. I think following that there was a Mosque set on fire in MO. I don’t even think Muslims did anything to incite the violence.

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