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What domestic chore do you dislike the most, and why?

Asked by ibstubro (18765points) May 6th, 2015

Cleaning the bathroom?
Unloading the dishwasher?
Mowing or tending some part of the lawn?

Is it just the getting started you hate, or do you hate every minute of it?

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I hate folding clothes and putting them away.

I hate drying dishes and putting them away. what’s a dishwasher?

I’d rather be mowing.

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I find putting new sheets on the bed to be a big pain in the butt. It’s one thing I really miss having the cleaning lady around for. With the mattress pads being so elastic-y, it’s just like a wrestling match to get the pad on the bed and all the rest.

Loading the dishwasher and cleaning out the kitchen sink is also kind of dirty. I don’t think of it as “hate” because I feel that’s too strong of a word. I think of it more like “unpleasant.”

Two other big pain in the ass chores are changing the cat litter and cleaning fish tanks. I didn’t list them up above because they’re not typical for everyone, just people who may own cats or aquarium animals.

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I no longer do any kind of outside or inside home maintenance beyond the most basic and minimal—I just don’t have the desire or energy to do that kind of toil at this stage in my bachelor life. I have a housecleaning service that comes once a month (I’m pretty much of a neatnik between their visits) and a lawn service that comes every other week. Both are quite reasonably priced.

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Beating @jonsblond for fucking up the laundry and the dishes.

if you have to ask why i dislike this than you need to walk a mile in my tank top

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I like folding clothes, @jonsblond. They smell nice and it means that chore is complete for the moment. The difference? They’re my clothes only. I prefer dry to wash dishes…my skin gets too dry.

Sheets are a pain, @jca. I thought the pillow-top mattress was great until I realized the the 17” deep trashed all the old sheets and precluded rotating. Fleece sheets (not in season, I know) are very forgiving in all respects.
I don’t mind loading the dishwasher, I hate unloading. For Gourds sake, I presort the silverware when I load.
I gave up fish at an early age for that very reason!

No domesticity, @Pachy? Damn. Hard to imagine.

Yeah, that crawling into a corner, whimpering, at the end has got to take it out of a guy, @Blondesjon.

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Dishes. For no apparent reason, my brain chose dishes as my time to yell at myself in my head. I can’t really bring myself to do them anymore unless I have a friend around or talk radio on.

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Cleaning the toilets.
Because…well, it’s a toilet. Yuck.

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Quite without sarcasm, I think soaking your hands in the hot water relaxes you, @wildpotato. Inner demons come out. Cooler water, a dishwasher, or deeper therapy?

There are brushes and pads with handles, @fluthernutter.
Oops. I was thinking of bowls, not rims and seats. GA!

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I’m going to rank my most hated chores:
3. Changing bed sheet. Actually it’s OK but the part that I hate is putting everything out of the bed. I have lots of things on my bed and it’s a real pain to put them out and back again.
2. Folding clothes. It costs me so much time. And I can never please my mom, she always complains about my speed and how messy I fold them. Not to mention my dad and brother’s clothes are so identical that I keep on mistaking one for the other.
1. Cooking. That’s something I can’t seem to master properly. I always have to cook with my mom’s assistance. One day I cooked on my own and no one could put anything in the mouth! Since then my mom became skeptical of my cooking skills and has to supervise me…

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Yardwork. Hate it, hate it, hate it.

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What good are you around the house, @Mimishu1995? lol You dislike clean sheets, clean clothes, and cooking.
What chores are you good with?

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Sometimes cleaning the pool is a real chore, other times I can get into a trancelike state.

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Dishes! They multiply like rabbits!!!

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Vacuuming and scrubbing the bathtub/shower. I don’t mind dishes, laundry, mopping but I hate dragging out the vacuum and scrubbing. Oh, the good old days when I could afford a housecleaning service once in awhile too. Memories, memories. haha

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Yardwork is subjective, @cookieman. I’m good with the grass, dislike the bushes.

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Well, @ibstubro, I do some chores on a regular basis. Dishwashing, laundry washing/folding, occasional spot vacuum cleaning, light dusting, and of course regular litter box cleaning, light cooking, stuff like that. I’m not a total slug.

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Then, @Pachy, what domestic chore do you dislike the most, and why?

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Oh yeah, the litter box, haha…speaking of which I better go check it, scooped last night.

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I hate cleaning the bathroom (yuck), mopping (unfulfilling) and mowing (too strenuous). I kinda enjoy doing the laundry and cleaning the kitchen. I don’t do windows. ;-)

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I can’t stand chasing my kids to do THEIR chores.

The one I hate doing the most would be cleaning the tub. I’d take a cleaning a toilet over cleaning the tub. I’m quite short and it’s an uncomfortable reach to get to the other side of the tub.

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I am insanely rich, the butler does it ~~
Choirs are choirs, these days I find none worse than the others really.

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Ironing. It seems like it takes forever and it’s never ending. The pile never seems to decrease. I try to buy clothes that don’t need to be ironed.

Folding fitted sheets. There must be a method to that madness. The best I can do is hang the sheet over the banister, so that it hangs freely and doesn’t touch the floor and pick up dust, but I pretty much just roll/wad it up so that it fits in the linen cupboard. It ain’t pretty.

Putting clean sheets on the bed. I always end up wrenching my back or banging my knee when trying to get the fitted sheet onto the mattress, without wadding up the mattress pad underneath the sheet, and just trying to lift the mattress up high enough on one end to get the corner on without the opposite corning coming loose.

I don’t mind cleaning the bathroom, scooping the litter box, loading the dishwasher, washing clothes (I don’t like taking stuff out of the dryer unless it’s just turned off and the clothes are still warm and wrinkle free).

I don’t mine vacuuming until I get to the dining room and have to lift/move the chairs out of the way to get under the table and in between the chairs. There’s not enough room to move them completely out of the way, so I move and vac, move and vac, move and vac. It hurts my back.

I don’t mind putting out the trash.

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This is such an interesting thread. Why do we like the chores we like? Some of you said they disliked cooking, cleaning the bathroom or mowing grass. All these are very enjoyable to me, but I can’t figure out why.

I also like laundry, and I don’t mind loading/unloading the dishwasher.

What I despise is vacuuming. Ungh. It takes too long, it’s unpleasantly loud, and it’s boring. I’ve started listening to music while working, which helps a little. I just have such a lot of vacuuming to do. Dog hair gets everywhere.

Yep, looking forward to my new puppy…~

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We have staff for that.

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To me, cleaning the bathroom is very satisfying. I don’t mind cleaning the toilet, it’s not terribly dirty anyway, it’s basically just a matter of wiping the whole thing down and putting some cleanser inside and swishing. The bathroom floor I usually spray with something like Windex, in small areas like 3 feet by 3 feet, and then wipe with paper towels and discard. I move to a new section and repeat.

Another chore which is not really a regular chore but add it to the “Big Pain in the Ass” list is the twice a year switching seasonal clothes. This weekend it is time to take out the short sleeved shirts and put away the winter stuff. We have had a few quite warm days here in southern NY and the long sleeved shirts are feeling a bit warm. I have a lot of clothes and so does my daughter, so this is a big, time consuming, heavy lifting task. Of course, everything has to be clean before it can be stored, so anything in the closet that may have been worn once or twice needs to be laundered first, too, which adds to the work.

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@ibstubro all other work. I specially enjoy ironing. Somehow moving the iron aroumd clothes gives me joy. Cleaning the house is another enjoyment too. I am often seen cleaning the house with earphones in my ears.

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@Kardamom This is how I fold fitted sheets – easy peasy. Martha Stewart has another method.

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There must be something wrong with me. Nobody else said, “cleaning out the refrigerator.” Since I was twenty years old my fridges have been packed with food and mystery food. With sticky substances of many colors. I know; I know!
Second most hated: unloading the dishwasher. And I think one reason is knowing that very soon I’ll be loading it up again and it’ll have to be reloaded the next day for the rest of my life and that just depresses me. And it is so noisy! He is watching tv eight feet away from the crashing of the dishes into the cabinets and , even though he doesn’t say anything, I feel extremely annoying.

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I hate scrubbing dirt, stains and marks off of walls. Oddly I enjoy sweeping and scrubbing floors and cleaning windows.

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Everything but ironing and oven cleaning suck!

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@Kardamom, I so agree with you about hating to fold fitted sheets. Recently I decided the hell with it. Now I just wash the same set every week and keep my other 3 sets folded in a drawer.

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Kitty box cleaning. It reeks. But it must be done. Clean litter, happy kitties!

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@Symbeline. I concur, cleaning the litter box, not the most pleasant of tasks. But over the years I’ve worked out a pretty good system. I use a big metal scoop with a fine grate rather than those cheap plastic ones. It wasn’t cheap, but it sure saves time by letting me scoop out much larger portions of the sand at one time. I use plastic grocery bags to dump the poop into and keep that in a small, airtight plastic container near the pan. Inside the container I keep a small jar of bleach, which REALLY kills the odor, and I replace the plastic bag every few days. Also, I use Costco’s litter, which is very effective yet very inexpensive.

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I use a big, black plastic garbage bag (Costco) as the cat litter box liner, and when I change the litter, the big garbage bag becomes the bag (just turn it inside out and voila, all the dirty litter is trapped in it). Cheaper and stronger than regular cat pan liners.

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“Cleaning out the refrigerator” is not a domestic chore, @Aster, it’s an event. Relax, and have fun with it. Set it as an annual (or semi) holiday!
I hate unloading the dishwasher.

I’ll scrub your walls if you’ll just do the freakin windows, @gondwanalon.

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@ica—I use Costco garbage bags and never thought of that. Great tip. Thanks!

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Just remembered another thing – putting the duvet back in the duvet cover is nightmarish if I’m alone, but it’s fine if I have a helper.

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Oh, @wildpotato, you’re so right!!! I TOO HATE WASHING AND REASSEMBLING MY DUVET!!! I’ve watched and re-watched a dozen how-do videos on YouTube and never found any of those happy homemaker “easy” ways to work for me. Now I just stuff the damn thing into the cover a little at a time.

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I’ve never seen a duvet in action – I’d like to watch one being reassembled just once. lol

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@ibstubro It’s kind of like trying to put toothpaste back into the tube. There’s usually a lot of cursing involved. And then lumps at the end.

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Why? Why the trouble @Kardamom? Buy a new coverlet?

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