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How can seniors save money on auto insurance?

Asked by StaceyD (215points) May 8th, 2015

My parents are on a fixed income and always looking to save money so they can have little extras to enjoy life. I found a few ways for them to get their home made energy efficient (for free) from the local utility company. I was also reading about saving on homeowners insurance and auto insurance. I found some interesting info but wondered if anyone has additional suggestions about how to save on insurance.

Additionally, they are over 65 and do not have any significant life insurance – I am trying to get them to realize its importance but am unsure about how to drive this important point home.

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As it says in the article, if they are driving shorter distances they should report that to their agent and see if that will lower their premiums. Also, if they have an older car, they don’t need comp and collision coverage on it. A non-senior friend had insurance with an online company (Progressive perhaps) and they put a computer in his car and when his driving was shown to be safe, his premiums were lowered. They should make sure however, that they continue to have good liability limits in case they cause an accident. If they have two cars and can drop down to run, that would lower their costs as well.

I’m not sure if life insurance would be that important for them at this point; what is more important is if one would have enough money to live on if the other is ill or dies.

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Gray power is in the commercials. I don’t know if they are good or not.

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Where you live makes a difference in premiums. If you live in a big city or a high crime area the rates tend to be higher. Also I think it is cheaper if you park that car in a garage, but not sure on that one.

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If they own a home, have the same insurance company insure the senior’s car.

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People over 65 are going to have a difficult time obtaining life insurance at a reasonable price.
This is especially true if they have had any sort of serious medical incidents or suffer from a chronic disease,
At this point in their lives (and I am over 65 so I can make that comment) a limited policy of $10,000 is not a bad idea, but they should not expect to use low benefit life insurance as an estate building mechanism.

I sold life insurance for a while. My best advice is to find an agent who has at least ten year’s experience in the business. Get more than one quotation and let the agent compare the quotations and explain them to you. Don’t just by a price because the premium seems low.

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My landlord just discovered he could save $50 per month by opting for what is termed “storage insurance”.

I’m not sure about all the details but basically it’s based upon the fact that he uses his car so little that most of the time it’s in the garage. He basically uses it for medical appts. and grocery shopping a few times per month.

I don’t know if every auto insurance company offers this as an option, but it’s worth asking around and getting specific details.

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