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If you had to come up with a sports team, what would the name and logo be?

Asked by Berserker (33475points) May 9th, 2015

As asked. I do not believe I need to include many more details. But here are some examples.

If I had a football team, they would be The Rabid Bums. The logo would be an enraged homeless dude biting into a football or something.

If I had a hockey team, they would be the Frozen Lumberjacks. It would feature a lumberjack using an axe as a hockey stick.

If I had a baseball team, I’d call them The Godless Landsharks, and it would have a shark flopping around on the grass with a bunch of Satanic symbols tatooed on it, biting a baseball bat in half, too.

Yeah, I don’t really have any imagination, so I leave it to you. Be serious, or be funny, up to you. Have fun with it.

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Tentacles 88.

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The Whiteys
Slogan: We don’t tan.
Mascot: A snowflake.

Let’s see how Caucasians like it.

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is this about the blacks can’t swim thing?

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The Syphilitic Sisters of Salvation. It’s a beach volley ball team of reformed sex workers that have joined the convent. They wear black bikinis and nun hats. They’re a little hostile towards men, so their mascot is a Catholic Priest with his nuts in a vise and they’re cranking the vise closed.

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Rough Justice:
Logo: something like this
Slogan: dirty isn’t always filthy!
Members respect rules, but are allowed to cheat if they see the other team cheats, sometimes in order to blow the other team’s cover.

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Ha, that rocks.

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Okay, why do guys drool and fawn over a pic of a hot lady. Lady, boom, I’m hot. Huh?

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My football team would be known as the Whiskey Dicks and the logo would be an unconscious Nixon with x’s for eyes and an empty liquor bottle next to him on the floor.

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Team name: Zen’s Meat

Team slogan: “You can’t beat Zen’s Meat”

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Zonked out Zombies!
Mascot? Good ol’ me. I do not have to explain, I ‘ve got the look.

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“The Pachyderms,” of course. They play for peanuts and never forget they’ve lost every game!

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@Symbeline No, it’s about the Redskins.

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American Football team: Padded Pussys
I can hear the commentary clearly, “the pussys are wide open &...touchdown

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