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Supposing you knew that your life would expire at age 30, would you have bothered to do most of the things you have done?

Asked by ZEPHYRA (21499points) May 11th, 2015

School, studies, marriage, kids, dreams, buying a home and so on. If we all knew that 30 would be the cut off point, most wouldn’t bother, would they?

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Renew renew.

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I’m already trying to do what my youth allows me to. That scenario would only enhance my “yolo” slogan.

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I watched my father die in front of me when I was 12. He was 35. If you had told me back then I would live this full and rich of a live, I’d have laughed. But wow, I’ve been so fing blessed. Yeah, there have been hiccups, but I overcame them so far.

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Like @Adirondackwannabe I experienced the death of a parent at a young age. I think it changes your perspective on life. I’m not unhappy with any of my decisions. I don’t feel any of the choices I’ve made were wrong at the time. I’m happy with the life I’ve had. I wouldn’t change a thing. Even the sad stuff.

If I have a regret, it’s that I didn’t wake up to my potential early enough and I didn’t travel as much as I could have in my youth. Realistically though, back then I probably wouldn’t have valued those things as much as I do now. I really do see life as a journey. You have to keep taking new roads to see where you end up. It’s a magical, mystery tour. Some roads go to great places, others not so much. It’s all about the experience.

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I would not have gotten married because I wouldn’t do that to my wife (leave her a widow). As such, I also would not have bought a house.

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I would have stepped up my game in the school and career department. But would have skipped love, marriage and having family.

Thirty years is plenty of time for a career, but not nearly enough time to say goodbye.

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No way of knowing, pointless guessing.

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